What is a fair salary for a MASSAGE THERAPIST in Dubai?

It seems there are a large number of massage therapy positions available within large hotel chains in Dubai, but they seldom list salary or amount of time in a work week. English speaking & writing seems to be a must.
I'm just wondering what kind of salary should be expected from these qualifications:

Certificate from an accredited American School
Member of the American Massage Therapy Association
Licensed by The State of Ohio Medical Board
4 years of clincal experience
CEU's in Kinesio Tapeing & Vodder Lymphatic Drainage

If anyone has any insight about Massage Therapy in general, please respond.

Looks like no one knows anything about massage therapy salaries in Dubai.:(:(


Thanks Aurelie, posts get lost quick in Dubai forum.

Must a therapist pass a test with the Department of Health?

Hi Elaine,
I can check for you, but you said in Hotel not hospitals, right?
usually in hotels they dont really require the high qualification you have.
what offer you are getting?

Ghazwan, I havent actually applied anywhere yet.... I'm just trying to find out a base wage  for massage therapists, so if I apply I will have some negotiating power.

So far from my research I think a massage therapist has to take an exam from the health authority to be licensed in Dubai.  Is this correct?
Maybe there are different rules for a spa massage therapist... I dont know?? Its hard to find this information and the. Department of Health is not responding to my emails.

If you find out any information please let me know. It will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Any salary news on hotel/spa massage therapists salaries?

No one has responded ?? wow..

And i thought all of us always loved going into a 'massage spa/joint'.. Well Elaine, logically, it falls under tourism and development rules and regulations, and also falls under the Health Ministry. So i believe if you work for a Spa, anywhere in Dubai, you don't need to be part of any sort of Dubai based certification. If you are approached by a Hospital, then yeah, you will definitely be part of some kind of crazy health freak course.

Salaries, well, again it fluctuates, the better Spa's and relevant ones (the ones where no one but upper middle class goes into) can pay anywhere from 15,000 AED to 25,000 AED, depending on how there pricing is done. This is maximum bar, and if your good at what you do, then you would probably get the higher cap.

If you work for a smaller Spa, then your probably looking at anywhere under AED 15,000. Its a South Asian mafia, so yes, salaries go really really low, and your expected to do fancy things with the Client..lol !

If you work for a hospital, then you can expect anywhere between 10,000 AED to 20,000 AED, again depending on the hospital size etc.

If you work for a Hotel, lets say 5 star, salary would be lesser, but benefits would be right up there, like accommodation, food and beverage, laundry, gym, etc. Salary would probably be within the 15,000 AED bracket max.

Good Luck !


Thank you so much for responding..... its been awhile since I checked back and I was actually shocked that someone responded.The Dubai thread moves very quick.

Yes, I am good at what I do.... but not that good to do FANCY stuff. LoL Would never ever consider degrading myself to that level of unprofessionalism.

It's really sad, but an ugly truth, that prostitution corrupts my profession.

Thanks again for the information and your tactful honesty.

Happy days to you,
Me :)

Saud1979 & others,  Thanks for all the info on income.

I am exploring possibilities of working in Dubai.   How many hours per day, week, or month would a Massage Therapist work in a spa for that range of salary?  How many weeks of vacation is typical?

81/2 years experience

Thanks, Janet

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I am a spa director I am aware  salary range between 600-1200 USD monthly. Usually you get housing and a meal per day in the package. Good Luck: )

Hi sir my concern is all about the salary range in dubai as a massage therapy..about the duty  how many hours per day and how many days per week? Hoping for your response sir.. thank you..

Hi there, I am female massage therapist . Can somebody give me information about salary in Dubai and it is a safety job for female massage therapist?

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Hi there. The DOH are very long winded, expect to wait several months for a reply.

Yes, a DOH licence is needed to work as a Massage Therapist in the UAE. The exam is available to take twice a year and may be taken in Arabic or English. Be aware, it is very tough!! Requirements are that therapist must prove that he/she has studied Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology with an approved training provider, ( such as CIDESCO or CIBTAC ) for the minimum of 500 hours, plus 150 hours massage training.Also, two years of proven work experience in the massage industry outside of the UAE is a must.

For Spa therapists, at this time a licence is not required, but the work is hard and benefits low, as many therapists work with minimum training. Expect to work 12 hours a day, six days a week, and you would need to be able to offer a range of beauty services. Pay would begin at around 3500 AED.

Hello, are you working at the moment? I am looking for a female Western Massage Therapist. You should have preferably working experience in a clinic. The clinic will be in Jumeirah. If you are interested,please send me an email to ***

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