How to Pass medical exam in UAE?

Hello Everyone,

before anything else, please bare with me if I have some grammatical errors. I'll try my best to make this understandable.

I am currently in Dubai Temporarily working as Receptionist. I am actually working in behalf of my aunt who's on maternity leave. I'm on my visit visa only but I was here in UAE last 2017 for a job in the same company I'm working right now. Unfortunately when medical exam result came, it states there that i have scar on my right lung and with that, i went back in the Philippines.

So just as I came to my home town. I had myself checked in one of the well known hospital nearby. I undergone Xray for 3 times in 2 weeks to double check if i really have PTB. AS the result came and read by the doctor. all Xrays are negative of PTB. I never remember myself got so sick. never even diagnose of pulmonary disease. what i remember is I'm prone of Sore throats but then i am perfectly healthy as per the doctors advise.

So now I wanna try again this time. What should I do to pass the medical? I want to look for a job in Sharjah coz the PRO said that, if I'll do the medical in dubai, they might reject my name again even the medical results are clear, since I have the record with them.

Can anybody here give some advise? i really want to start my life again here in UAE.

by the way jus to ad up info:

I don't smoke
I drink occasionally
I am now working out to help my cardio

I can't seem to open my message. i don't know why. I tried opening it on PC and Mobile but it shows "not available anymore"

any  advises and questions. you may reply here. thanks

First of all, be aware that you are working illegally.  If ever, there is an immigration check or inspection, you will be detained, deported and banned from entering again.

Secondly, a lung scar is a big no no in the GCC.  What you have to understand is that they routinely reject people with lung scars as they assume that it is due to past TB.  And this is done even if sputum tests done in UAE are clear.  It doesn't matter whether you apply in Dubai or Sharjah, the MOH is the same for all Emirates.   

The only good thing in all of this is that apparently you weren't deported or banned because you are here on a visit visa.

What you first have to do is try to get the results over turned once an employer gives you a job offer and wants to apply for your visa.  Do a private medical check in the UAE before you do the visa medical (Tests done in home country are irrelevant).  Do also a Quantiferon Gold TB test.  If these tests are clear and the Gold TB test is negative, take all the reports and do the UAE visa medical test. If there is any issue there, show them all these reports from the clinic in the UAE.  If it still doesn't work, engage your PRO to submit these with Ministry of Health.   Then follow up and see what happens.

Lastly, medically speaking, another thing that you have to understand is that even if you don't have TB now, you could have had TB when you were younger e.g. in childhood which is where the scars could be from.   You are coming from a part of the world where it is endemic - similar to Pakistan / India and a lot of people get TB in their childhood and in most cases, it resolves on its own but leaves scars.  The Quant test will prove this conclusively - if it is positive, then I would forget about the UAE as while they may accept lung scars (if proven to be not TB), they will never accept old TB scars for new visas (only in case of old visas for people who are here).

All those things that you mentioned are good for your health but have absolutely no bearing on lung scars.  I have been a heavy smoker for 20 years and have cleared chest x-rays in UAE, Saudi and Bahrain - so have a lot of my friends.

Thank you so much Xtang. now i know what steps I'll be taking before applying for a job here. i will update you all here of the result.

Completely agree with XTang.

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