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Hi all! I'll be leaving the Philippines this coming March 21, 2017 and will stay in Dubai. Is it hard to find work in Dubai? Thanks in advance. :)

Yes it's impossible.

How is it impossible?

hi Bella , getting a good job in Dubai is not something impossible. You just need to be patient and persistent when searching for a job in Dubai. Based on my experience, I had kept on applying regularly for about a month before coming to Dubai. Some of the job sites which had helped me find a job are,,, LinkedIn. Also make sure that you regularly update your online CV and save them on almost all job sites. Your CV should look professional and the content is appropriate for the job. In my personal opinion its a wise thing to plan for a month trip to Dubai and search for the job or check out the market yourself. But it can be very challenging at same time as it will be a completely new location for you and it is not always easy to roam around in a completely strange city without any help. Best of luck!


Thanks a lot MJ for your response. Seriously I feel a little bit nervous and loosing my confident reading other people problems looking for a job in Dubai. My friends are in Dubai and working i'll be staying with them. Thank you also for your advice. I will take note of that.  :)

Hi, it's really not that difficult to find a job in Dubai specially if you have some friends can help you.... Look for a job with big companies like "Al-futtaim" or al-rustomani.  Good luck

That's very nice to hear! Thanks a lot :)

good morning

what type of job u r looking naman

More on Administrative work.

Hi Bella,

Welcome to Dubai.

It is not difficult to find job in Dubai, There are ample opportunities. It will be advisable That you apply for jobs before you reach Dubai.

I am giving you complete list of emails where you can apply for the job appropriately.

I hope this should solve your problem.

Best of Luck

You can also use Job Aggregators like

Or Community Sites like
Dubai BB
Dubizzle(now owned by Olx)

Or Job Portals like

As a foreigner, how can I get job in DUBAI?  And what are the requirements. I am SERVICE ADVISOR in Dealership here in Phil.s and i worked as well in Brunei... Is there any other way that employer sponsorship will help you to work there.? Please help thank you so much...

its not too difficult to find a job provided you are qualified for the post required, it may take some time but if you are lucky enough then you may get one immediately

very helpful

also I want to add, its how i got my first job.

good luck

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i dont think so.  if you  have skills then you can find job in UAE.

Hi... I'm new to this forum. This list of consultants and websites are really helpful.

Thank you,

Like to move from London to seek employment opportunities in dubai, any advice will be much appreciated.



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I am looking for a job in the UAE?

Any listings?

Hi ...m looking  for accomodation  and  job  I Dubai.
Cmg August  end

Looking  for jobs in Hr field

Not much good frens to help.
Suggestions  n [email protected]!

i am looking for the jon in diubai... which one is better to apply for the job before i visite the country of when i arrive in dubai ?

Honestly speaking, Dubai has a very tough job market right now. I've taken about five months to find a career, and I've only found it through my family. Same goes to my girlfriend who's been searching for a career for almost 9 full months on all the online sites she's been able to find.

But if you ask me what platform is better suited to get jobs in Dubai Connecting to the Agency or Submitting an Online Form?

I'm going to recommend that you go with classified websites. And I know one of the best people in Dubai. Abentra

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Hello Everyone,
Iam also looking for a job in Dubai in the academic education sector at universities. Where can I search for this? I hold a PhD and I have experience in teaching at universities, and doing research.

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