How long does it take to call you for offer letter?

Hi everyone, pls i need an advise... I went to a walk in interview here in Dubai. and on that day i successfully passed all the requirements needed before they accept you for the job, like 2  written exams and final interview. After that, the HR informed us (this is on the same day) that we are accepted and they will call us for the documents they will need. So we are very nappy (of course) and she asked us what type of visa we have and when it will expire.... And so on and so forth,.. That was 10 days from now to be exact... And I havent receive any calls from them... My question is.. How long does it take to call you for offer letter? Do i need to ask them for the time frame i need to wait? Pls help me and give me some advise. Thank you in advance.

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hi Juan, this is bad manners on their part or maybe a test. just call them and ask when you will receive the papers, remind them that you were accepted and you need to know to plan your future time. a sensible polite realistic request may actually benefit you. don't be backwards incoming forward. good luck!