Personal Journey on Passing Medical Exam With Lung Scar in UAE

I just want to share my experience here to inspire people who have lungs scars/fibrosis, don't lose hope guys and have tons of Faith in God.

Early 2018 last year, i was very eager to go here in Dubai. I already booked a flight to Bangkok since i don't have relatives here in UAE who will sponsor my visit visa. (Cross country - PH to BKK to DXB), but then one unfortunate event had happened to me. I was diagnosed with PTB last March 2018. Since GAMCA countries are very strict when it comes to X-ray, I lost my hope.

I undergone 6mos medication and had constant check-ups hoping that x-ray results will be cleared but it did not. I still continued my healthy lifestyle despite of densities seen in my X-rays hoping that scars would be gone, but it never happened, until one day i decided to push through with working-in-dubai dream. I undergone general check-up before i went here  (x-ray, whole abdomen ultrasound, blood chem) just to be sure that i don't have any other illness other than lung fibrosis (Yes, still got "fibrosis right upper lung" result in my x-ray). I got here in UAE last April and i immediately applied for work. Since drinking milk is a very common suggestion to hide lung scar in xray (though i haven't tried doing this before), i did it. I drank milk religiously before i go to bed and after waking up and also continuing a healthy lifestyle like exercising, taking vitamins (conzace vitamins in ph) and eating healthy foods.

Fortunately, one company hired me after applying in 2 weeks time upon arriving here in Dubai. So the process here is, one they hired you, it would take almost 2 weeks before the Medical, and so i drank milk for 1 month continuously prior to medical, also i read in other forum that drinking Tomato paste is also effective to hide lung scars. The night before my medical, i jogged, i drank milk, i also drank tomato paste mixed with water and went to bed early. On the day of my medical, i still drink milk and tomato paste afterwards. I tell you guys, my stomach was very very upset that day but i don't care, I am so desperate to pass the X-ray, and of course, i prayed so hard.
(Philippians 4:6-7 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.)--- "Worrying is a Sin"

--My biggest lesson in this situation is that you should be optimistic and you have to put your faith in God.

After 3 days, the DHA texted me that result will be released soon. I never inquired in our HR about the result because i'm still scared (even though my intuition tells me not to be scared and everything will be fine). 7 days after DHA send me the notification, the HR called me and i was so scared as hell, but to my surprise, when i got in the office, she told me that i have to sign my visa application so that my application will proceed to visa stamping. I am 50% relieved when i hear the "Visa" stamping, and so i asked her since i think it is safe to inquire about the medical result and she said it is all okay and she will process my emirated ID. Then today, I got text from Emirates Post that my ID is ready to collect.

Whoever can relate to this, to those who suffers from anxiety and distress due to lungs scars/fibrosis, i hope you guys will not lose hope and would have the courage to pursue whatever dreams you have. Our faith is bigger than this condition. I will pray for you guys. To God be the Glory!

Please prescribe me your diet plans

Hello there! How about Japan? Do Japan also has the same rule? Please help me.

Hello All,

In my Xray, finding is CP angle blunting. on doing CT outcome came - "thin Fibrotic strand in anterior Basel segment of left lower lobe". Will it be reason to make me UNFIT when I will undergo visa medical in UAE? I am a first timer, and planning to move there in couple of months.

Please anyone has undergone same kind of situation, please advise me. I have to take a call.

July 02,2021 Update.

So i have new employer and i had to undergo medical again - xray and blood test. I did the same thing as mentioned above and i got fit to work status. Just have faith in God and do the same thing guys and all will be okay. God Bless everyone. 😊

I am also the passenger of the same ship, I worked in UAE from 2006 till 2017. I caught TB in the year 2009 in UAE itself, i went to India on vacation and took proper treatment and the illness was cured, however, i developed lung scars which are very visible in xray now.
I am thinking about moving back to UAE but afraid of the feeling of visa rejection due to the scars. Don't know what to do.

Try the steps above first and take an xray in your home country and see if the scar will still be visible, if the above works then try going here again.

@siralop hi, I would like to ask, what kind of milk you drank? Fresh milk or the powdered milk? Thank you in advance.

@siralop do u have a lung scar ? Or drinking that milk is effective to hide it ?

What kind of milk?

@siralop God is so good...and knows the will of your heart.... :):)

@siralop hi how long is your scar?

@siralop are you still in UAE

@siralop hi thank you for sharing your experience i have also calcification in my lungs and i will join in one of the 5 star hotel in dubai, im very scared now. Because i don't want to lose my job here in maldives but i take the risk, while reading your comment, i hope God will also listen to all my prayers , hope everything went well next month 🙏 i will do same thing what u did and i hope i will get the same result 🙏🙏🙏