Massage /Spa therapist conditions of working in Dubai

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I'm interested in job offers for the position of a spa/ massage therapist in Dubai.
First of all, I'd like to ask if they make a difference between a massage and spa therapist and what the requirements are accordingly. I don't have a medical degree in massage therapies, I've  taken courses and the rest I've learned through my  working experience. My managers have themselves been qualified massage therapists.

So, another question I'd like to ask is about salary. I've recently signed in a site called SpaStaff and I see salaries ranging between 1800-2000 AED. Isn't that too low for a salary?

Thanks very much in advance!
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Good Massage Therapist ranging in UAE is between AED 3000/- to AED 7000 in a good Spa company.


Thank you!

Yes it's too low.. not worth it at all


Have you applied for the job or will you be?


you can get me on xxxxxxxxxxx

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For which job do you mean?

Have you applied for any job in Dubai?

Yes, I have- on, but it was too soon, so I'm waiting for reply (if it happens at all)

I also work for Hospitality for MENA region, you can send me your papers

2000 is very less. you have experienced person who can look into international hotel spas where they give minimum 5000.

I wouldn't recommend you to engage in that field, I'm talking about massage, basically this is due to awful reputation and prostitution. On the other hand, Spa for recognized hotels (4-5 stars) are way better and offer acceptable salaries. If you are student, get higher education in health or similar to your interest to expand your chances.

I agree 150% with Saeed. Having a job title as a spa therapist/ massage therapist in MENA countries is a big NO NO!!

Take my advice and run from that career!!!!!

I trained as a professional Spa therapist 5 years ago. Achieved a BA in Spa Management as I was very sincerely interested in Health and Wellness. I had a dream I was going to the Middle East to work in a 5 star hotel doing thia type of work only to first arrive in Egypt and learn some hard truths.

P, please take my advice it is not a respected job, unfortunately this is because many women have made this job become seen as being 'dirty', with their free giveaways of giving sexual favors to men who visit their spas. Women who have auctioned their dignity, self worth and self-respect cheaply for money to the highest bidders. Walk away its the best thing you can do to preserve your own dignity and self-respect if you value it.

Honestly, I was very angry when I learnt this truth because I had invested over £10,000 English money on my degree which I am still having to pay off student loans for and other individual massages courses for my CPD. Only to find I couldn't do the job I loved, worked so hard to achieve and trained so honestly for. We study all the body systems Anatomy and Physiology and yet do not get the same respect as a Physiotherapist when we do the same work. I wish now I had gone the physio route but it was too late. I was not going to go back and study another 4 years just to get another degree.

I learned this truth from my now husband who when I met him said change your job please. Luckily I never worked in a spa in Egypt. Thank God for my husband because he taught me many things about the culture and the way MENA people think and view things. Especially the men. I studied and changed career to teaching which honestly was the best decision I ever made for my life. I love teaching and do have my husband to thank for encouraging me in that direction as I had thought about doing it at some stage, but only later on in my life. He encouraged me to go for it alot sooner than I had planned. Subhan Allah!

I dont see anything wrong with spa/massage therapist, It is a profession after all, and require training to practice it.

a job is a job, it all depends on how you look at it.

Midnight Sam...your entitled to your opinion. A job is a job correct. But a person has to weigh up what is most important to them. Some will think like you...a job is a job. Thats ok..go do the job then. Personally for me my self worth and self respect are too high of value for any job to sell out myself for.

The real truth is the job just isn't respected training or not

I understand where you coming from, I meant no offence to you or anybody else.

But when you generalize MENA people to think the same, "maybe in egypt i dont know", but trust me, there are alot of MENA men like myself who have different way of looking at things.

There was no offence taken Midnight Sam. I am secure in myself and open to receiving opinions that do not necessarily fall in line with my viewpoints.

I can generalise the thinking of MENA men in the contexf of the spa industry in those regions because majority of the MENA men have associated it with it being a dirty job or to put it nicely prostitution.

Great you don't think like that. But unfortunately there is a general consensus in the industry that most MENA do.

That's too law , you can't live with that here

i want to learn massage therapy can you help me