Labor market in Dubai

Labor market in Dubai
Updated 2016-10-14 08:54

In this article, find essential information to help you find a job in Dubai. 

Dubai has an open labor market though very competitive. Workers are needed in the high-tech sector, computer science, tourism, luxury industry or catering. Fluency in English is essential; knowledge of Arabic is not a prerequisite.

The labor market in Dubai is very flexible resulting in high staff turnover. You can find or change jobs easily, but you can lose your job as easily.

Note that working conditions in Dubai are excellent in terms of facilities, technological infrastructure or transportation means.

Job search in Dubai

Experts believe that foreign nationals looking for a job in Dubai should wait for the right moment. Indeed, the city is famous for the attractive opportunities it provides for foreign skills, thus increasing competition on the labor market. In fact, the city's employee turnover is particularly high.

Therefore, for more chances of being hired, you are advised to avoid the Ramadan period. As the country is governed by Islam, hiring becomes secondary due to the fact that working hours are shortened so as to allow Emiratis devote themselves to their religion and fasting.

It can also be quite difficult to find a job in Dubai during winter holidays, that is from December to January. During this period, many foreign senior executives move back home to spend their holidays.

You are thus advised to try your luck between July and August which is the moving period for foreign nationals. However, these are pieces of advice which do not prevent you from search from a job at any time you wish.

Good to know:

Priority is given to UAE nationals in certain fields of activity (travel agencies, temporary staffing agencies, real estate agencies, in the public sector, in banking or insurance).

The legal working time is 48 hours per week. Workers are entitled to 30 days of vacation a year.

Any breach in your work contract may lead to an employment ban in the UAE.

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