Any Petrolcom Oil & Gas Services fake/scam job offers?

I have just recently received an official letter of appointment from Petrolcom Oil & Gas Services for a job offer. The thing is they saw my application from another job site and I did not apply to them directly. I only submitted my documents and no online interview happened. The salary is too good to be true and I am really doubtful. Upon checking, the website, and the physical address seems legitimate.
I have already signed the contract and I am referred to Diamond Travels and Tourism for work permit and residence visa documents processing.
I haven't paid anything
But I really need your advice guys with regards to my predicament.
Can anyone confirm if this is a scam or not?


A very likely scam.
Contact the company via their website, not using contact details supplied in the offer.


I am awaiting their reply and will post it ASAP.
I really do feel it is a scam but I just want to explore it further so I can confirm how this scam works.

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