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Hi guys,
I have in a recruitment phase to Kuwait Oil comp. And i am at contract phase, issue is i have been interviewed by a drilling manager of KOC but the offer is contract btw me and united presicion drilling company( UPDC). In the contract it is saying i will be employee of UPDC and seconded to KOC, contract is 28/28 rotational basis with enough payment for my position including businnes flights.
In this situation can anyone advice about how is the working conditions in KOC and is it a real matter to have contract with UPDC and work for KOC. Is there any way to have direct contract with KOC or is it a general policy for all expats.
Thanks for the answers in advance.
Kind regards.

it is normal to be hired under a subcontractor for KOC because KOC is a govt company that mainly hires only citizens.

everything seems to be in order.

So do you have any idea about working conditions and any detail about for the position that i have asked.

Mtrk wrote:

So do you have any idea about working conditions and any detail about for the position that i have asked.

1# here, everything is done by contractors ...even the site company man...

2# you didn't define a position, only an interviewers position...

3# they're deep well locations, not constantly moving... man camps are in good condition... food is good...

4# not sure what the offer is or what your nationality is, but 28/28 is something a lot of people would want these days...

sounds legit ... and even I would consider field work again if it came in 28's ... lol

Good Luck

Thanks for the replies,
Offerred position is Drilling supervisor, and 28/28 rotation with business flights, as i understand from the meeting it is deep wells projects.

They changed the operational strategy in Kuwait Oil Company. For that, being a company man here is a good position there especially since the main service companies started a large layoffs during the past couple of months due to the oil prices fluctuation.

There are some major opoperations are there in Kuwait, and they just established a second deep drilling group.
There are different types of reservoirs here were you can put your expertise up for the test.

Bluntly speaking, if you are up for the challenge, then you are welcome, otherwise buzz off

Am unified communication engineer,, Microsoft infrastructure and virtulaization .. Bake up solutions and enterprise service specialized,, is it any available vacancy for me ..

I too am looking for a position in the oil field.  I am an American who does Logistics and Transportation.

Mtrk :

UPDC is subcontracted to KOC... Drilling Supervisors/Drilling Managers are hired through subcontracts and is not possible for direct KOC contracts.  You will be given generous benefits which are being enjoyed by KOC employees. 28/28 days cycle is normal duty for Drilling Supvsrs and Drilling Managers. You are lucky being offered this UPDC contract. Why not try first and check for another option after a year. There are lots of Subcontractors in KOC who can give you more benefits after an experience in Kuwait. I was working in KOC before.

Good luck

Many thanks for the clearifications about UPDC,
One thing is the accomodation conditions in rig site, i used to both work onshore and offshore. İs food good, and how remote the exploration sites are, will i gonna have internet connection and phone to contact with my family? In some areas in gulf countries it is real issue as i heard from my colllegues.

Worst case scenario, you would be caught by Isis.   Otherwise, you would have an Internet coverage,  fair enough food and electricity.   during the summer, you would technically would require to add salt to your morning coffe,  since the temperature raises to 50s and 60s centigrade.

:D thanks for the response,
I am pretty sure about the security.
Lershaid, as i underdtand you have good knowledge about KOC, do you have any idea about salary changes among time, as per contract offered to me it looks like fixed salary without any benefits and increaments among time?

Since i see a lot of oil field professionals here, my husband has got an opportunity as drilling engineer with one of the oil companies in Kuwait,he has 7 years of experience and has been offered close to 1000KD plus accomodation
Is this salary justified for the experience and position he has been offered, also is it enough for a couple to sustain with decent living standard in Kuwait

I wouldn't suggest that much, a drilling engineer would easily gets double or triple that Salary.
If I were him, I would compare the offer with other countries in the region prior to the acceptance.

Me too I am going to start my experience in Kuwait as Drilling SPV.
Do you know how fare are the living camp from Kuwait city?
Do you know if the internet connection is fast enough for video phone (with Skype)?

thank you so much

Several points:

1) Salary is "first" based on nationality in this country (right or wrong idealistically, it is what it is), therefore can vary 'substantially' based on origin of passport (for the exact same position). 

2) There are no security issues (ISIS type) 'inside' Kuwait borders at this time... and is "very directly" backed by US and coalition military presence. 

3) Location of sites will also vary by great degrees ... could end up a 100 meters off the side of some random highway 20 min's from your accommodation (of course if your working 28's you probably won't have an accommodation in the city) ... or you could end up 2 hours from the city (an hour on pavement, and an hour off each way) no where near cell towers ... and if you happen to be 'inside' one of the several fenced in and controlled oil fields, you won't be allowed to have any device with a camera on you (strictly enforced) ... the rigs will move in and out of these locations so you'll never really know where you'll be next till your there

4) Food is reasonable to good and camps are well maintained. 

5) And one last thing ... it does get hot out there, but not in the 60's ... although I have seen many times it get up in the upper 40's and 'unofficial' recordings register above 50, keep in mind that the worlds record temp is at 56.7 (and a reputed claim at 58) ... regardless, yes it does get hot out there! ... lol

coudl someone tell me if you are allowed to use laptob with webcam inside the accomodation?
I will be based in Ahmadi Base camp


I read carefully your answer, it helps ! I will work on 28 rotation, based in Ahmadi Base Camp
Do you know if inside this camp you can bring your laptop with camera (webcam)?

I need just to see my family in the evening through a video call

thanks !!

where a rig is now, may not be where it is in two months, they move around... and as I said, "if" your going inside a "fenced-in and controlled" oil field area, you will not be able to have 'any' device with a camera (for 'any' reason) ... don't let people tell you simply what they think you want to hear ... some rotations you may be able to use your Skype, some you may not, all according to where the rig site is at that time

not trying to be negative ... just trying to be real ... expect the worst, if it happens to be better, then great!  lol

I was offered a job contract by UPDC 3 months ago and uptil now, my agency have not been able to get my work visa from UPDC.Every time I ask the agency,they have one reason or the other - is this normal expat experience for Kuwait work?I will appreciate if anyone has the experience and could share?

Yakuvica wrote:

Every time I ask the agency,they have one reason or the other - is this normal expat experience for Kuwait work?

Yes it is.

Hello Yakuvica. Same is for me. I got a Job Offer in November, UPDC applied for visa in December and I am waiting for visa till now. My agent is saying that it is ok to wait so long could be worse...

Hi VitaChe,
Thank you for your reply - it is relieving to hear from someone with similar experience with UPDC.
The visa time has taking so long that I am wondering if the job offer is still available?



I am sure job offer is effective. I know at least two upcoming employees who are waiting on visa as we are.

Hello Everyone, last January I become shortlisted from KOC, but since that time my agency told me that KOC hasn´t sent them via UPDC  the  Official Offer Letter, every time I contact my agency they told me that they will have soon the letter so I can continue with the process. 

Does anyone know why this could be taking so much time?, is this normal? why?

What is the process to arrive there trough that company?

They say that I still have job but that´s  just a fact o time to wait for the offer letter to come?

Please I will really appreciate your comments.

I have had an interview with KOC in January-15 , just got the offer letter from UPDC thru the agent .
Drilling Supervisor position with 10K USD/month . Business flight + no benefits .. lol

What do you all think ?

I have interviewed similar dates and onduty now.
Your salary is good in this oil price turmoil days. For the UPDC , there is no way to work as KOC staff unless you are Kuwaiti national. Updc is the weatherford company that you legaly work, your work area is KOC rig sites and premises.

good day ,

planning to make a move to Kuwait soon . got the contract sealed last month as DSV .
superintendents ok to deal with ? expats or locals ? guess took a paycut to work in desert
but tough times ahead . what's the regular pay for westerners , any idea?


1)Please can anyone (drilling supervisors) tell me if IWCF training will be provided by KOC (or UPDC) or i have to pass on my own?
2) Are there any training courses that we can have once per year?
3) Main question - about beard. Is there any clean shaven policy? Can people with beard work at rig sites?

Hi, if u have valid iwcf dated before u enter company it is ok for the next certificate updc will pay if it expires while your contract ongoing. but if you dont have any before you enter company you should have take by on your own.

There are some courses depending on where you have assigned.

Clean shaving policy is in place not that strick it depends on which field you work.

Many thanks! how was your interview to pass? was it quite difficult? or just quick one?

My friend did you interviewed so far or is there any upcoming interviews? İf you dont mind share your email with me for the details.


KOC is one of the best employers in Kuwait for Kuwait citizens, but they rarely hire expats if any.

The other company, UPDC, I have no idea about.   

How much is the offer? Does it cover children tuition? Housing? Car allowance? How many days of holidays? What is the indemnity payment? What kind of health insurance they offer?

What are your working hours? working days?

The salary might look great when converted from KD to TRY, but do not forget your expenses will be in KD not TRY.


I've just been shortlisted for a Drilling supervisors job in Kuwait with KOC.
I am Australian and have been dealing with Green Tree advisory, they are flying me over to Bangkok for an interview with KOC.
Can someone tell me what the average salary range is for a western expat as I already know salaries vary depending on passport and cultural background.
I already have a job and want to see if its even worth going over for the interview.

Am assuming its' a 28 x 28 rotation


Hi everyone,

On a similar note; I have been offered a position as a Drilling Engineer with KOC. I have signed the contract and am now waiting for my visa to come through. The agency tells me this will take 2-3 weeks. Is this realistic? Or should I expect 2-3 months? Can anyone share their experience with waiting times from signing a contract to an actual start date?

Many thanks to all.


If all your paperwork is in order it should be quick. KOC carries lots of wasta.

One thing to note, technically they aren't supposed to hire until the new parliament is elected, November 27th.

Hi daveo66,

Did you end up going? If so what is it like? I have an interview with the deep drilling group on the 12th.

Cheers Rod

In fact hi all,

Did anyone go with KOC as a DSV? If so what is it like? I have an interview with the deep drilling group on the 12th.

Cheers Rod

Hi Rod,

Interview was a none event, pretty basic stuff.
Then after that you seem to negotiate salary for a very long time, in the end the $$ weren't worth it for me so sticking with my current job,

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