Is 2000 KD a good salary for a software engineer?


I got a job offer in Kuwait with salary of 2000 KWD/month + benefits as per below;

- Private health insurance for me&my wife
- 400 KD ticket allowance per year
- Relocation allowance: Flight and accommodation up to 8 weeks
- Housing Allowance up to 400 KD monthly.

Right now, my wife and I both work in IT and we live a comfortable life. I wouldn't want to "downgrade" our lifestyle. So I was wondering if it would be worth it to accept the offer and move to Kuwait.

-Currently, our jobs in our country also provide private insurance.
-We live in an apartment complex that has security, shared outdoor and indoor pools, gym etc.
-We have a car
-We travel a lot to different countries. We go on vacations once a month (on weekends) , usually abroad (mostly Europe).

If we go, my wife will also look for a job but it may take a while. Is this package good for a 8 year software developer? Should I negotiate? Will it be possible to upgrade our lifestyle and save up at the same time?

Thanks in advance

good package

the accomodations for 400 kd its not enough for what you describe.
for your wife if she come with no contract she font have right to work, she must have her own contract.

If you are a homebody Kuwait will be fine.  Kindly is s family based society.  If it's just you 2 with no kids.
  Then you better enjoy each other's company a be lot. Unless you want to assimilate into middle eastern culture you will be limited to other expats for friendships.
  I live on my computer and the internet, that is my social life so most places in the world she fine for me.
   If your wife is not the type to be happy at home I foresee drama in your near future.


Hi dear, Feel better whatever have in your home country. That is more comfortable Zone



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ya of course