Second job as part time

Is that possible to have a second job as part-time in Kuwait?

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I think on your contract it should be mentioned at some point if you are allowed or not to do a part-time job while being a full-time worker for a specific company.

Then to be on the safe side, I will let another member that did the same thing assist you with that.

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Highly appreciated , you r correct ı should re check my contract as well.

not preferable, you wont be paid appropriately and you wont be satisfied with the level of work you would provide. also if the ministry checks on the employer and you are not sponsored then it can be an issue of visa or your presence in Kuwait as it is inappropriate to work for the wrong employer.

short answer, no.

Long answer, hell no.

find a side hustle where you are not "in the line of fire" and go ahead, but anything which requires physical presence or going around, won't work.

Part time jobs in Al farwaniya

Maybe somebody knows a job hiring for a receptionist (but not salon) im 18 visa dec 5 will be my last day pls inform me...

Need it badly.. pls i need a strong employer.

@Boomy hey, can you send me your CV? I have a friend who's an HR manager, i'll forward your CV to her. but you will also need to write me a brief paragraph describing your experience.

@tiwitizma yes you can have  but not legal

Hello, I'm interested in moving to kuwait as a construction worker. I would be grateful if I can get any assistance here.

@odokoc without a job offer, that you apply to, you cannot work in kuwait.

It's illegal in Kuwait to work for someone other than the employer that is sponsoring your visa.

Per Kuwait labour law, it would give your employer legal grounds for termination. If you are caught by a government inspection at your second employer's premises that could also lead to termination of your work visa.

Some people still do it, but it isn't legal.

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