2000 KWD Salary + Benefits

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Just received a job offer from an Oil company in Kuwait and I was wondering if this sounds reasonable, have a good life standard and make some savings. Monthly salary of 2000 KWD + benefits as per below;

- Children Education.
- Medical care for the family.
- Car with fuel.
- Economy class airfare.
- One time furnishing grant up to 2000 KD.
- Housing Allowance up to 650 KD/ month.


What is the job that you are offered?
I am trying for process operator job in Kuwait and would like to know what package should I expect.

Golden offer because of the extra benefits.

On face of it, it looks like a good package. But if you are coming with a good number of years experience in a high demand field (as a sr engineer / consultant), it's just an ok package. I don't see even a bonus here....
Don't get me wrong, I m just trying to do an apples-to-apples comparison here 😊
But do your math and good luck

Dude are you insane that is wonderful if u can get me a similar deal pm me immediately :)

Compared to the majority of those in Kuwait that are on a 100 KD , working split shifts 10 hours a day 6 days a week, I would say that is pretty good isn't it?

I would have to agree with snow-rain; it really depends on the job profile and the comparative salaries in Kuwait and in the company.
KD 2000 + benefits is good for a "decent life and some savings" - again in quotes because both "decent life" and "some savings" are very subjective. But, the KD 650 for accommodation is very good, if you're staying in south Kuwait (around Ahmadi); if you more towards the city suburbs (Jabriya, Salwa, Salmiya, etc.), it is par.
The KD 2000 basic won't sound good if you find out that your colleagues the similar JDs and exp have considerable more.
So, unless you or the family has any high spending habits, it is quite adequate for both living and saving.
One thing I did not see in that list is Health Insurance. For all those benefits, please ensure that you & your family have full coverage health insurance in private hospitals.


In a similar position with something similar. But coming with two kids and a wife who wants to work as well somewhere.

What would you suggest? considering the offer is from Kuwait University some where close to 2000KWD plus housing and one time furnishing and travel annually

It is a very good offer, I would say above average. Go for it and make money. Savings are good in Kuwait.

My below advise may sound strange but these are real facts:

1. You have to choose one from money and dignity. If you are getting good money, compromise on your personal ego or respect etc. (Unless you are white skinned from first world country - yes only FIRST world country).

2. Most of the government agencies including oil companies have started firing expats to accomodate locals. The firing is usually instant, unexpected and painful. you may feel that behaviour with you is like slave. Simply accept it. This is common here.

Fully agree.

How do they pay the housing allowance? Do they pay cash or is it something you get reimbursed?

Usually as part of the salary; allowances.


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