hi friendz i am orthodontist (dentist) from india got a job offer from hospital at mahboula but they have offered me 1300 kwd along with hra(houese rent) and allowances  as well,is this a good deal to pick?i tried to negotiate but they refused ,kindly help me and plz let me know howz mahboula area

If you are single I think it's OK, but for a family you'll need to think twice.

Hai Dr ..i am also dentist in India.intrested to work in can I approch ...and was the there any exam for dentist from India to work in me plz Dr.

Ru BDS?licensing exam u need

Thx for d reply mate

I was a truckdriver for US Army in'04-'05 on 2,250kd pm. Of course in dangerous areas. Just do not part with Ur passport the Kuwaiti's keep it as ransom with especially the working class. R35,000 South African rands is not what I would offer as a Personnel manager in Kuwait. 2,000 + flat is a good offer tell'em to take it or leave it. They control 10% of the World's oil production. They need U???? Bye

Thx for d reply mate

Dr. don't get missleaded by Truckboytjie, no truck driver ever get 2250 KD/ month,yes Kuwait need Drs, but there 3000  DRs, applying for job in Kuwait, acommodation is very expensive in Kuwait if they are offering you apartment them it is avery good offer, you can accept the job see how it is going if you don't like you can quit any time, wishing you all the best.

Thanks a lot brother

compare it to what you are making now, read the posts on the forum about the expenses, and make an educated decision.

no one is going to spoon feed you the answer that you seek, you need to ask the right questions, and trust me, "am i making enough?" is NEVER the right question.

what u should be asking, is what has already been answered, so please spend a little time reading this forum, check out living expenses threads, compare the rent in the area u are working, the price of cars, food, etc. and come to a decision.

expected salary for general position dentist ,with good experience and license for work in Kuwait it's 1000 - 1200 kd .for specialist , it's 1500 kd ,but rarely clinic and hospitals pay accommodation for doctors ,which mean ,in your case you got good offer.after arrival to Kuwait ,there exam for take permission for work legal in Kuwait ,they name it tarhees in arabic.some doctor pass it from first time ,but some orthodontist which I know fail on exam already 3 times.good luck

leleka!!  :thanks:

u were pulling our leg on the other post saying u dont speak English well :P turns out you speak arabic too!

the tarkhees is a licence to practice, its an ok from the MOH for all medical personnel to work near humans.

i'll be sure to contact you when my wife is here so i can get more info from u on dentists in Kuwait, as she is a dentist, but not yet licenced to work in kuwait coz she graduated in 2012 and apparently u need 5 years to elapse from your graduation date.


I would think working in a private clinic would be better than government ones?

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@leleka I couldn't agree more. The world has over 7 billion people, but you only need a few guys like @legacy not to give up on humans.

Keep it up my friend @legacy, it is a great pleasure to have met you.

P.S. I might have flew off at a tangent here, but I think it's equally important to encourage a good example.


thank you both!
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Aboibrahim wrote:

Dr. don't get missleaded by Truckboytjie, no truck driver ever get 2250 KD/ month,yes Kuwait need Drs, but there 3000  DRs, applying for job in Kuwait, acommodation is very expensive in Kuwait if they are offering you apartment them it is avery good offer, you can accept the job see how it is going if you don't like you can quit any time, wishing you all the best.

I know it's an old post, but still... lol

Actually in the time period described (04-05) the US Army was paying outrageous salaries for drivers here in Kuwait... it was not unusual for american drivers to come over earning 115,000 to 130,000 USD annually (3000kd monthly) from routes running up to key area's of Iraq (just the drivers, they're managers were probably making half that).  And some flown over to Afghanistan to run routes... ...they were staged here in Kuwait... ...the reason for the pricing was due to the IED's usage and the fact that quite a few were being killed and or severely injured.  (they could earn 1000kd at home, or 3000kd here, ...there were many takers on that deal)   Those day's are long past, and nobody should be identifying or comparing with those rates at this time.

Hello...what about pharm.d there

Hi all..I require an information regarding the latest rules for how to apply for medical license as dentist in government sector and how many years of experience is required.

Hi doctor, I read your post regarding job offer you got .... iam also a orthodontist completed in year 2014 looking for a job in kuwait .... can you tell me how to proceed forward and da experience  required. ....It will be help ful..... Thanks in advance and may God bless u

5 yrs after pg man plus exam clearance focus at your place

Hello Dr. Sethi, sorry for posting very late on this subject. The salary offered is good enough for a start. Plus if you are having other allowances that is all the more better. Although I am not an expert on salaries for Orthodontists in Kuwait, I can say that it is good enough for a family of 3 or 4 to have a comfortable life and still save around 500-600 KD per month.

I am sure you must have accepted the offer and possibly are already in Kuwait, or very close to completing all the formalities for coming to Kuwait. 

Good Luck Sir.

Hello sir .am a general dentist practicing since 2009.Got an experience of 6 years after my u.g.can u plzz help me that whether a dentist with out passing kdle can work in private hospitals r not?can we give exam for license after coming there and working

Are you from CKS dental college Tirupathi

Ya zaheer.i know that it's u only na.u r zaheer from cks only na??

Hi dr sethi
Give me your no


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Hi Dr.

Mahboula area is good if you need to have a luxirious and secured house there are.


Thanks & Regards

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hiii doctor,
                  my wife is a dentist,currently she is working in India ,now she completed two year experience and this coming January she will be in how to apply for this licensing exam in Kuwait and after that how can i apply for the job

I am definitely searching for a dentist here. Does anyone know if dental care is included in our social health insurance provided with work permit?

Haii, how can I apply for this job

Helo also an orthodontist thinking of moving to kuwait..what did u study for the liclcensing exam? Any help would be gr8..thank you

Hi frndz....plz help me out in appearing for kdle exam in Kuwait and to apply for license for practising as a general dentist....

Hi Doctor,
My wife is a Dentist, Currently she is working in India since 2014, she is having an experience of almost 3 years. I have a job offer of KUWAIT. Can we plant to move Kuwait together,
Whether a dentist without passing KDLE can work in private hospitals or not?
How much she can earn per month?

No... Not good here

Too many dentists here , most of them are Indians and Egyptian degree holders , whomsoever it is have to pass the MOH exam, the application has to  be made through an authorized representative at the Ministry of health

Cost of living is very high, rents are too high for a 2bhk flat, school for kids is too costly, health care is very costly if the illness is a major one, savings will be less when you have a family to support in Kuwait. Because the oil prices are halved since a couple of years, the government is implementing rules so that the expats here spend more on the essential items and services. For the Kuwaiti citizen most of everything is for free.

Hello doctor. I will be completing my MDS in endodontics and want to work in kuwait. What is the procedure to get a masters license in kuwait???  Btw the offer looks amazing ✌️

can I work as a general dentist without passing KDLE?