Exiting Kuwait without cancelling my visa

Good day everyone. I would like to us some questions. I left kuwait last February 13,2019 for emergency leave and didnt got the chance to come back because of family problem. And my visa and resident visa expired last April 03,2019..My question is, Can i still apply another company in kuwait? Even if i didnt cancel my visa before.

Although your residency could be cancelled automatically if you travel for more than 6 months but since you are planning to come back to Kuwait I recommend you to contact your company HR and explain your situation so that they can assist you in your case.

Apply for another company.
Your visa already cancelled

Yes my visa cancelled already. But my problem now is im not in Kuwait. Can i still apply other company? Or im already banned in entering kuwait

You think i will not be ban in entering kuwait for leaving without proper exit and cancellation of visa?

Yes u can apply for visa.
You not banned.

Oww! Okay. Thankyou so much. Godbless

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