Article 14 visa to article 18

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Please give me clarification for this matter, is it possible for article 14 visa holder to exit from kuwait and re-enter again after few days, just to give way for the processing of article 18 visa under his/her name? if possible, could you please give me also the flow of processing?

I really need your helpful answer guys.

article 14 visa is a temporary and if you leave the country, you will need a new visa to enter again.

If you already find a sponsor , you can directly transfer your article 14 visa to your sponsor or company which mean article 18 visa.

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Article 14 is transferable. Make sure to do so before leaving Kuwait as leaving Kuwait on Article 14 automatically invalidates the visa and you have to redo all visa formalities to re-enter


Hi Rohitabby,

I have similar situation.
My aqama (Article 18 transferrable) is going to finish in 2weeks.
I got job in a new company. But it will take a while to transfer, maybe will exceed this 2weeks period.
So, can I able to extend my visa in old company(Article 14), and to transfer to permanant residancy (18) to the new company once they process.

Kindly reply. Thanks in advance.
Hi. Yes you have to get the extension (article 14) and later transfer to new company.

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Dear friends ,I need your help

I have a doubt,

now I am in 14 number commercial visit visa, can I change my visa to 18 number soon visa

Yes you can if you find an employer who will transfer your visa to his company.

Once an employer sponsor you , your visa will become article 18

For example Mr A has got article 14 and stamp visa will he get to enter again Kuwait?

Hi. Yes you have to get the extension (article 14) and later transfer to new company.

can anyone get an extension?

Yes you can extension if your company or employer requested for you.

It's not a big deal.

@Moo directly transfer meaning no need to change airport?? Tel me please

Hi, I finish my 3 years and I was in visa 14 but the company that I applied said that my visa and my work permit are expired. But, my civil i.d is not yet expired.  I go back to my country and applied again but the agency told me that I have an existing visa. What does it mean?

that is not correct because your civil ID and your work permit have the same expiry date. You need to cancel your current residency before leaving for that a new company can issue you a new visa. Make sure you keep a note of your old civil ID number as it will not change when you return. So you need to ensure to tell them that you had a previous residency.