Tough time for bachelor accomodation?

I am a bachelor, planned to visit Kuwait in August and will be staying for two years. I just came across this news: … partment/.

The news reads that bachelors should not be given rented accomodation in resedential areas. It ceretainly will be little tough for singles like me to obtain accomodation in Kuwait. Hope I have not mistaken the news.

Can any of you suggest on how to find the accomodation for individuals like me(that too in a location/area which is legally allowed)?

Please ignote as it got posted twice:

there are two types of accommodation areas one called residential or private reisential areas means the areas where the local citizens live with their families..some expats do live in these areas in the portions of private homes rented by the citizens however as a general expats live in commercial accommodations i:e commercial buildings comprising of residential apartments
so you do not have to worry as u must be looking an accommodation in a rented flat which is called commercial building
best regards
enjoy your stay

Thanks for the detailed information ! It indeed helps.

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