Best places to live in Kuwait? What is Hawally like ?

Hi I have just been told I will be living in the area Hawally and was wondering if anyone lives there or has been there and can tell me what is it like? is it busy, things to do, what things are nearby etc.

Also how far away is Hawally from the sea ? and the marina? I really want to be able to travel to the sea/marina area most days. I heard Salmiya is probably the best place Hawally still good?


Hi Kate Im living in Hawally and it has many schools malls and markets and it's busy during school time i think it will be fine for you Hawally and Salmiya are near there are nice places to visit dont worry everything will be alright

For me, Salmiya and Salwa in areas close to the seaside are best.
Interior Salmiya: and definitely Hawally are very congested with traffic and a bit more air pollution. the 999 bus is 250-300 fills and can take you most places. A taxi will cost 1-2 KD to get most places. Salmiya around the AUK area to Blajat Street will enable you to walk to grocery stores, shops and places for daily needs: except between May and October when it's too hot to walk.
Good luck   :  )

Both Munamour and Snapcracklepop are correct. Hwally is particularly good for having abundant service - especially for electronics. But the traffic is very heavy.

But you will be in Kuwait, and that in itself is a blessing. Living in the Middle East is a gift!

Is sharq a good area ? Just moved here

Hawally is definitely very busy during work hours... Sharq is the business district so nothing much to do around there... Salmiya and salwa are close to the beach and have good accommodation

Hawally is a busy place but it depend which area in hawally you live in. regarding your question about how far is it from marina and the sea, its not that far from both

What is your idea of a good area?

hey, I think ill be put up in Hawally. how far is it from the beach? what's it like?

The best beach area near Hawalli is likely the Marina Beach along the Arabian Gulf Road - on the northern side of the peninsula. Otherwise, some of the better beaches can be found on the southern side if the peninsula and farther south at Messilah Beach. As you go further south from Messilah, there are more beaches.

Hi all!
How are the places to live Fintas and Mahboula?

For the most part, much less expensive that in the northern areas of the peninsula. In fact, my personal feelings are that the further south you go, the better it gets. Much further down is Fahaheel where you can sit outside and enjoy a wonderful view of the gulf, and enjoy the water fountains as they dance amidst the waters of the Gulf. It's much less bustling and noisy than sitting at the Marina, I find it one of the best places to simply relax and "zen" out. It's really a gem of a place for leisure time.

Salmyia is been!!!

hi Kate - hawally is exactly 6KM away from the beach - which can be reached via 3rd ring road - where you end up near green island, or the 4th ring road, where you end up near marina mall.

hawally is a bustling, busy area. the good thing is you wont have to look far for all the usual amenities of markets, malls, groceries, salons - hair and nails, laundry etc. the only problem is it is quite congested due to the plethora of schools all around which makes traffic vicious.

but all-in-all, as someone who has been in hawally for over 3 decades, its nice to have everything at arms length, from computer repairs (ibn khaldoun str.) to mobile shops (same street), to cinema (muhallab) and plenty of malls (muhallab, plaza, promenade etc.), you'll find everything you're looking for.

Robija :

Hi all!
How are the places to live Fintas and Mahboula?

FIntas is fine, but Mahboula is super-crowded. Both are close to the sea though.

Hawally I want to shared you thanks

Does anyone know anything about Funaitees area? :)

vote for Salmiya

Salmiya is busy, but a better atmosphere than Hawalli.

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