Building Safety

My family live in a new building and I am constantly aware that there is no provision for fire detection or any means to fight a fire. The owner of the building locks the main door at night and in the event we had to get out there is no panic bar so forgetting a key could prove deadly. There is no smoke detectors and no fire extinguishers anywhere in the building which according to the owner he doesn't have to provide..... None of the Windows has locks or stays to provent them opening all the way out which would constitute a serious safety concern in a lot of country's..

I am wondering if others have similar concerns and if there is a means to address this type of issue with government departments.

Hey bud.. I had similar problems when searching for accommodation a few months back. As a safety professional its a habbit of mine to look at the safety aspects of all flats I looked at and there were quite a lot of them not equipped with fire protection system.

You might want to move out of there and find a safer place to stay, you can find decent buildings equipped with fire protection system better be safe than sorry, this month alone 3 fire incidents occurred nearby where I live. Nevermind trying to bring this up to a local regulatory body I highly doubt you will have any say on the matter (I might be wrong) but quite often here enforcements are being put forth only when something has gone wrong.

If moving out is not an option you might to discuss nicely with your landlord putting forward your concern to him and try to generate a win-win solution for both sides.

I have tried to discuss many times even gone formal in writing but seems like the landlords have all the rights and most probably we will move when the lease expires. It's such a shame to think for the cost of a few smoke alarms the landlord would rather run the risk of people dying or the complete loss of his asset.

I brought smoke detectors and a fire blanket over with me.

I also brought British made extension leads.

When it pours with rain. It comes through the windows there is nothing you can do about it.

Thank goodness its doesn't rain too much😖 We are the first family to move into a new building of 16 apartments the owner has spent money of that I'm sure but the build quality it's unbelievably bad the AC didn't work in the kitchen after about 20 visits by various AC teams they discovered the duct wasn't connected to the header we've had pipes burst hot water tank leak and on occasions which we have still not got to the bottom of when we shower 10 minutes later water comes through the ceiling and I'm told don't worry it's normal.

That is so bad.

Water came through the shower ceiling here. They did not do anything for 5 days.. Had to put buckets and bowls around.

Said they fixed!!!. They came back and said it was to do with the AC. They went up with a bottle of something heard a few hisses and touch wood it seems to have worked.

I hope it gets sorted for you soon.

Oh and watch out or the electrics.

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