MOM rejected work permit

At present, getting a new job is certainly difficult but not impossible. Though you didn't mention about his job scope, I would suggest he should consider a job if the salary or position is negotiable. Good luck

He's looking for a storekeeper job and this also what he has been doing too. Not sure whether if MOM would allow him to continue working in Singapore. Just early this year his brother was hired by a company and his IPA was rejected without giving him a reason too.

It looks tough now to get a work pass approval for these jobs. You both may consider for marriage that would help him to obtain LTVP.

With LTVP, he can work as Malaysians have much lesser stringent process to get a job under LTVP. Good luck

Hi faizal, did you get any update from the employer? Is it not enough quota?

Pls help me!.my brother want to coming singapore work permit visa .bangladesh skill traning already pass.first time i apply for work permit but reject .what i can do now,pls help me.

Islamshahinur: The employer can appeal against the rejection. But for a successful appeal, it is necessary to know and address the rejection reason. Or your brother can look for another job and hope that his WP is approved there. Good luck!

Im already two times apply ready but same result coming agent never appeal also. What can i do so that i undestand  problem of reject.pls help me

Islamshahinur: if your employer does not help you, it is difficult!
Did you already read  related forum posts to figure out which rejection reasons might apply to you?
With the very little and confusing information you wrote (e.g. is your brother applying for jobs, or you?) it is impossible to tell more.

Im now brother want to coming singapore berfore never coming singapore but i call agent to apply my brother passport .agent apply ready two times but reject coming.....reject written-cant eligible to work pass pls finding the other candidt.

As we wrote on this forum many times before, agents do not help and often screw things up. I hope you did not pay them anything (as they are not allowed to charge the job-seeker for work pass application services - those that do are all crooks!).
If your brother wants to work in Singapore, he should apply for jobs directly at suitable employers.

Hi, last week my boss apply for me work permit, but the next day it was rejected, so i inform my boss that my application was rejected, so my boss checked what is the reason and the reason is “MoM says My passport details was not in their system” so my boss updated my details and resubmit again, the next day my application was rejected, and this time MoM never give any reason why my application was rejected, so my boss try to apply appeal. May i know why my application was rejected multiple times? I've been working with my boss for 2 years.

Hafiz: What visa did you hold the last two years, while working for this boss?
A rejection after just one day must be some obvious mistake or omission. Your boss should find out the reason from MoM before correcting it. An appeal without this has no chance!

work permit pass, yeah it was so fast MoM rejected my application, the 2nd time my boss applied was at 7pm and i checked in the wp online at 7am and it was rejected. May i know the appeal letter is 100% can make the application approved or not?

Does this effect covid19? I googled and it says that singapore cut down foreigner from entering and working in singapore. May i know what should my boss write on the appeal letter? Coz the appeal letter that my boss submitted was “my previous employee currently in malaysia and are keen to work in singapore, however the application was rejected multiple times.”

No appeal has 100% chance of approval.
It very much depends on the rejection reason and how it was removed with the appeal.
You can read on this forum about possible rejection reasons and how ro address them.

May i know even the 2nd time appeal was still rejected, is my boss able to apply again for my work permit?

Hafiz: only one application per job, so the second appeal rejection is final.
He could apply for a permit for another job. But first he should find out what is the rejection reason and remove that - otherwise you would just be rejected again!

Hello, I'm Rosalinda Looking Housemaid job in Singapore do you think MoM can accept  49 years old? I was there 17 years already I just landbased last year oct 2/2020 coz of Covid.

Pls can help me anybody?.im now work singapore  .my big brother want to coming singapore but i apply always reject coming .now my company appeal  for reject 25 days ready still no rejult many days need to appeal rejult coming.

Shahinur: It is difficult to understand your post. But an appeal can take as long as a new application. Read about it on the forum!

my passport application rejected

my work permit rejected can you help me
my what's up number +***

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Please help me big brother want coming singapore but i apply always rejected.before dont have singapore.if company appeal so how many day after result coming.

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In three separate posts, you wrote that:
1. Your passport application was rejected.
2. Your Work Permit (WP) was  rejected.
3. Your application for a visa for your brother was also rejected.

I answer them separately as well:
1. Without a passport, you cannot apply for any visa, nor travel internationally. Since this is not a Singapore-specific issue, please clarify it with your home country authorities (Bangladesh according to your profile).
2. The employer, who applied for your WP, should contact MoM to find out what the rejection reason was. It is then possible to appeal, if the rejection reason can be removed.
3. You did not mention what kind of visa your brother wants to get. Since you mentioned "company", I assume a DP - which is the only visa type your employer gets involved in. (If not correct, please clarify!)
A DP ("dependent pass") can only be applied for family members that cannot (yet) earn their own living. Thus it would only work if your brother is handicapped and needs your support. Did you submit proof of this with the application? Also, you need to earn above S$6000/month to be allowed to bring him (or other family members), which is unusually high for a WP holder. Maybe you can try to sponsor an STVP (tourist visa) for him instead (up to 89 days visit)?

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Application Aproval?

maha1351986 wrote:

Application Aproval?

Who are you asking and what specifically?

Hi, my name is shafiyah, in fact I am sad because MoM rejected my WP. Until now I don't know why MoM rejects. Already 4 times my employer applied for me, but still rejected as well. Actually, I just got married. I decided to work with my husband in singapore, but I couldn't go to singapore because MoM rejected my WP.I feel very sad

Sathisafia: Instead of just applying again, your employer should contact MoM and find out the rejection reason. You only have a chance if that can be addressed in the next application.
But there are other visa types for joining your husband in Singapore - DP and LTVP. If MoM notices that you (ab-)use the WP to join him, you can be rejected for that alone.

Hi helo my name Vicky from Malaysian...I last working in problem is ALCOHOL case ....drinking after 12am ....and police case ....and Mr Ms I want to continue to work Singapore....I want to approve work permit ...I apply ready but rejected tq ...
Vickyysuku: If yours was a criminal case and you were convicted, this can have an influence. But there are of course also many other potential rejection reasons.
Hi . i have one friend . she apply many job at sg but ipa get rejected . before she just working at one company for 5 years . resign because want to go back malaysia . after 8 month later she want apply job at sg but mom reject the ipa . she apply many job . also rejected . already rejected 8 time . when go to mom ask about that . mom say . must ask previous company . when ask the previous company . the previous say they just wrote she resign . she apply and interview many time at another place also get rejected until 8 times . what is mean that ? why mom rejected ??
Ninie Ray: An IPA ("In-Principle Approval") cannot be applied for- I assume she applied for a work pass?
In any case, without removing the adverse record, there is no point applying again and again - the result will remain the same. If she cannot remove it, she should look for a job elsewhere instead!
Sir. Last time i also working Singapore. Bst naw wato to go ageing sg  my ip also rejected. Please can help me
Almamunhaji: I have no idea what your post is supposed to mean. Is it English?
My friend WP expired on 4th Aug 22. On the same day new employer apply WP for him . On 13th Aug 22 , ex employer cancelled his WP and they get to paid sgd100 penalty due to late cancellations of WP. On 16th Aug 22, my friend leaving Sg . Until now the WP still pending. Had called MOM for countless times to check and also file in case for 3 times to settle the pending case. The hotline officer gave many different information why the WP pending . Last called to MOM was last week and being told the beginning of application was wrong as WP expired cannot apply on the same day . WP cancelled after 2 weeks then can re apply new WP  . This officer guaranty that WP will be rejected in this few days soon and can re apply again .
So let's cross finger and wait for rejected.  But waiting is very suffering. Hope can settle this asap.


how long I need to wait to re apply work permit's application after the first submission is denied (invalid)?

can immediately re apply or need to wait after 3 months (after 1st submission)?

thank you!

@syafmush91 A new application (for another job/employer) can be submitted right after a previous rejection. For the same job, no re- application is possible - the employer should appeal instead!


Hai there

I worked for the same employer for more than 22years

On 4th Nov, 22 my work permit unable to be renewal due to no quota

After that, i get IV with 3 different company

And all 3 company submitted for my wp then get rejected with no spesific reason from MOM

They also do appeal with a strong statements related to my experiences, but also rejected

What should i do ?