Salary trends in Kuwait - What you need to know

I've had experience with both being courted as well as doing the courting in Kuwait... a good formula for the hiring culture here would be to;  take the job description and apply it to what you would be making in your home country (or country of residency) for the same scope of work, or current salary x 1.25 - 1.50 ... the higher the salary the lower the multiplier.  This concept would be extremely illegal where I originate, but is quite the norm here (I'v seen workers in the past setting next to one another doing the same scope of work with one making less then four times what the other was making due to were they came from)

Lets say I'm an engineer in the US making 100,000 usd annual (2380kd - monthly) I could probably expect a salary offer  in Kuwait of about 2860kd plus accommodation and transportation allowances... probably around 3300kd total

same job, and I'm from lets say the philippines

Engineer in the Phil's making 80,000 php monthly (545kd) could probably expect an offer around 1000kd total

for the same job!

Where you come from and what you would have been making there will have the largest impact on your base offer!

(simply my opinion)  lol

Sadly true :(

God must surely bless you for me Legacy. and you shall live to see your children children, Amen!!!
Nice info bro. . . . Kudos :top:

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I read your information with a great pleasure. I would like to know if the age could be a barrier in having or looking for a job for example in the education sector?

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it depends on what the employer is looking for; if they require someone with experience, then you are a great fit. if they are looking for fresh grads, then sadly you will be overlooked.

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Many thanks for your reply.
As I am 60 years old with a great experience in teaching and translating, I thought that it will be a barrier.
If it is like some Gulf Countries, I heard that at this age, you are retired and have to leave the country.

Once again, thank you for your advice.



Where I'm working they instituted a new age restriction 'this year' at 59... the month in which you turn 60, your credentials are collected and sponsorship is retracted ...don't know if thats a reflection of the company, industry, or culture. 

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Thanks for the information.

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Thank You! This has helped me kind of a get a view what to expect!

Hi  aaakol,

Are you in Kuwait ?.

Am planning to move to Kuwait , with a salary of 1000KD with my wife + 3 children , out of which 2 will go to school.

It is not a good offer for 4 members family.

Hi good day, I'm from venezuela I have received an email that I'm  shortlisted to to be interview by KOC I want to know what how much I can ask in my salary expectations as a rig supervisor I have 7 yrs of experience.



1300 kwd salary
car allowance 100 kwd/ month
telephone allowance 50 kwd /month
house allowance 350 kwd/month
Schooling  1500 kwd / child/ year.

Is it a good offer ?
family / 4 member

mohameddz :

1300 kwd salary
car allowance 100 kwd/ month
telephone allowance 50 kwd /month
house allowance 350 kwd/month
Schooling  1500 kwd / child/ year.

Is it a good offer ?
family / 4 member

Take it

Did anyone know what is the salary range for Assistant professors holding PhD in Kuwait universities ?

Hello mohammeddz! Very nice offer I think. You can let your children go to the best of American & British Schools in Kuwait if you get that much schooling allowance per child. Salary is also good. Try for medical insurance for family too if possible. All in all, a pretty good offer. I would undoubtedly go for it. Good Luck.

Hi Everyone,

I am Vikas samota from Delhi , India with 5 Years of work experience Here in Retail Operations.

Since i Can See a lot of Info on this Blog so i am also hopefull of Getting answers for My queries.

I Got an Offer from a retail Multinational Branched in Kuwait for Area manager Role with 850 KWD Salary Plus Joining Bonus of 500 KWD and Other Benefits Like 30 days paid Annual Leave and Airfare for same, Petrol card, Postpaid Sim Card ETC.

i want to Know that is This Salary is Sufficient to live with My wife There keeping in View that i want to save As well.

Pls Help me to Get The Idea of Expenses and Scope of saving in this Particular Salary

Your expected prompt Responses are already appreciated.

Hello vikassamota ,

It is okay salary but not good. As per your experience and designation you should get more , below are the expenses for two persons. Medical should free for you and your family

House 2 bhk: KD 350-400
           1 bhk  : KD 270-300
Food+outside food occasionally (monthly): KD 200
Car :  KD 100

You can save KD 200-250 per month

Thanks Man...!
What if my wife also start working there and she might earn 500-600 KWD as well...then would it be a feasible option for us as far as savings are concerned..?

Vikas Samota

Yes, if you get a job for your wife here then you can spend good life  and you can save around Indian Rs 140000.

Thanks man1234....Thanks a lot for the Info...If All Goes right the see you around there post October...!!

man1234, I think you got your calculations wrong. How can he save 200-250 KD, if his salary is just KD 850? As per your calculations his expenses will be somewhere between 720 - 900 KD, if we leave the car expenses. If we count that it will be around KD 1.000. The 500 KD he mentioned is just joining bonus which I think will be paid just one time at the time of his joining work.

vikassamota this salary will be sufficient for you to live with your wife initially. I work for Q8REALTOR Co which is one of the renowned, reputed and professional Real Estate Management Co in Kuwait having Apartments, Properties and Villas all over Kuwait available for rent/lease at competitive prices. Thus I have a little knowledge about the rental prices in Kuwait.

A 1 BHK unfurnished Apartment will cost you anywhere between 170-250 KD depending on the area and location, and a 2 BHK unfurnished will be around 260-350 KD again depending on the area and location. For fully furnished you can add another 100 KD for 1 BHK and 100-200 KD for 2 BHK. I will suggest that you take an unfurnished one so that you can furnish it later on according to your & your wife's taste and preferences. I must mention that 1 BHK are very few and not easily available whereas 2 BHK are plenty and easily available. Food, Groceries, Mobile and other miscellaneous expenses can be managed in another 125-150 KD max if you do smart shopping and take advantage of the various offers available at the various Super & Hyper Markets. Weekly once outings can be managed in another 50-80 KD.

So all in all, even if you take a 2 BHK (unfurnished) on rent, on an average your expenses will be in the range of 500-550 if you manage your finances and expenses smartly. Thus your savings can be  around 300 KD initially. Later on when your wife starts working, it will only add to your income as well as savings.

If you need any assistance in getting an Apartment when you reach Kuwait, just send me a message and I will guide you. Good Luck!!

If see my figures

House 1 bhk 270-300 unfurnished
Food+outside food occasionally (monthly 2-4 times): KD 200
Car:                                                             KD 100 (If you want to buy)


850-600=250 KD

KD 200-250 , he can save.

You wouldn't get any flat on KD 170 . You will have to pay minimum KD 270-300, if you want specious 1 bhk you will have to pay KD 310-330 , but 1 bhk is very difficult to find here.If want to take 2 bhk you will have to pay minimum  KD 350 (not very big one)

Thanks ayyaz1972 & man1234....!!

i would be looking for 1BHK only (Furnished / Unfurnished)..for that 1 Believe it will be managed under 250-300KD while for other Expenses on Food, Groceries and other Miscellaneous expenses would cover under 250KD which in total would be 550KD, so by this Calculations i would be able to save around 300KD even if my wife stays with me without i right here in this calculation..??

Pls let me also know that would my wife Technically / Practically be able to come there with me on dependent or visit visa and can search/ apply for Jobs in kuwait..??

Vikas Samota

I would suggest you to take a 2 BHK unfurnished which will cost you 300-350 max. 1 BHK you will rarely find and it will not be in a good location or condition. And the rest of the expenses will be managed within 200-250 KD. So ultimately you will have more or less the same amount of savings.

You will be easily able to sponsor your wife the moment you complete your residence and other formalities and obtain your Civil Id. One only needs to have a work contract or 'Izn-e-amal' with a salary of KD 250 mentioned in it to sponsor his wife and children as per the law at the moment here in Kuwait. And, as I have already mentioned in the previous post, your wife can search and apply for jobs as per her qualifications & experience while being on dependent visa. Only when she starts working, she will need to change her residence from your sponsorship to the employer's.

Thanks Clears a lot of Confusion...!!

but dont you think that 2BHK would be Bigger and Unnecessary for a Couple to Stay and Invest....By The way Can You Suggest any good places near Al Omariya as my office would be there..?

Vikas Samota

Super helpful and detailed. Great post!

300 Kuwait  KD

Thanks for the such valuable information. Appreciated.

I will also appreciate if you provide me the information about the law of Kuwait for getting the release from one company to another(transfer of the job from one to another company). Some people says that we can get release after 2 years and some says after 3 years. I want to know the Kuwait Labour Law about this matter. Eagerly waiting for your positive feedback. :)

Many Thanks

Good info, but with the increasing rents and the new rules the govt trying to impose- expenses are growing up....

For a family of 4 a min of 750 KWD salary is must for a decent living.

what is the going rate for a qualified teacher in kuwait and would a salary of 1000 kd amonth with free accommodation and flights be  a good  wage to save

What about a Salary of KWD 3750 + Housing+Car+Annual Airfare(once) . What area I can afford to live in. I am coming to work for an Oil Company in Kuwait.
Please suggest if that is a good salary, have no idea about salary structure in ME area. But it looks like a mid-level engineer salary in NA.

Dear Expar123,


This is a very good offer and you should move forward for this offer without thinking.

You can live in Salmiya or Kuwait city.



Above 150KWD

Expar123 :

What about a Salary of KWD 3750 + Housing+Car+Annual Airfare(once) . What area I can afford to live in. I am coming to work for an Oil Company in Kuwait.
Please suggest if that is a good salary, have no idea about salary structure in ME area. But it looks like a mid-level engineer salary in NA.

You're a lucky f***er. That's much more than twice my salary and I don't get the benefits you list. I put my life and soul into trying to create the next generation of people who will shape our future. Teachers get screwed over and under-valued everywhere.
Take the job and then try to think about those who got you where you are and give a little (or a lot) back.

Hi everyone

What is the salary range in kuwait for a Senior Accountant with a bachelor's degree ?

Hi Legacy,

I am not sure if you've been asked this yet, sorry if you have.

I would like to know the average monthly cost of living in Kuwait, excluding accommodation & transport costs.

Basically how much is needed for toiletries, food and entertainment per month.

Thank you.

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