Salary trends in Kuwait - What you need to know

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Hello Everyone,

Just received a job offer from an Oil company in Kuwait and I was wondering if this sounds reasonable to have a good life standard for western expat with wife and two kids and to make some savings. Monthly salary of 2000 KWD + benefits as per below;

- Children Education.
- Medical care for the family.
- Car with fuel.
- Economy class airfare.
- One time furnishing grant up to 2000 KD.
- Housing Allowance up to 650 KD/ month.

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[at]Tito-81, what grade are you being offered?

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Is 300KD is ok for a bachelor to live there? There are no other allowances.

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Yes it's is Okey but you can not save more then 100 kd....  If your salary is 300kd bacharal

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Hi. I need to know about the company UOGEI of kuwait. Can anyone guide me regarding the company type, its location in kuwait and salary for engineers?

Hi There,

I have been offered a position as a physiotherapist in kuwait havent received the offer letter yet but the salary is 450 kwd / month no other allowances no accomodation. will i be able to survive in this amount.
I am married too in future how will i bring my wife to kuwait?
What would be the monthly expenses ?
My biggest concern is whether 450 will be enough or not ? for a single person

For Family its difficult with the salary as rent is on d sky

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Hi everyone,

I do have a question, I'm a nurse from the Philippines and I have an job offer of 280kd plus 25kd for food allowance from a medical clinic (derma nurse).  free accommodation and transportation. Is the offer enough? or is it a good start?

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its an average start pay for nurse
if u r single its fine
if u do have family u can stay but savings may not b enough.

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with a salary of 3000 and no other benefit, what is the advised location to look for rent if workplace is pepsi cola street?


How is the salary structure in Kuwait..

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Regarding the labour law, I was told that employers provide pension benefits which are often not disclosed unless you ask them, and that this is claimable after a certain period of employment. Do you (or anyone else on here) know anything about this? I couldn't find it in the labour law link. Thanks in advance!

I am un dentist specialist in endodontie  have received un offer to work in Kuwait . the manager proposed 1500 DK without a house renting . i want to know of its a good offer ?  . he told to me the house renting cost me 300 DK . waiting for your reponse ? thanks

300 KD is cheap flats rent. If you want to find good location, good condition flat you will pay 850 KD/month. Or you want to find cheap one, you will pay 200 KD/month, it's mean, this is very subjective things.

Also salary, I think 1500 KD is cheap for dentist. I know some dentist salary more than 2000.

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