Salary trends in Kuwait - What you need to know

aaakol :

Thanks livekrish,

I am planning to take my family with me (wife + 1 kid 4+ year)
So based that pl let me know if this is good. means flat & kid education. Also pl let me know if you have any idea about the company status (KCS - Kuwait Computer Services).


AAAKOL - thats just about USD 2800. People of your qualification and experiences should be drawing not less than $ 4500.

Hi Legacy,

I am from India and I recently got an offer to work in KOC through OSSCO as a Sr. Drilling Engineer. I have been offered about 1550KD (salary) + 450KD(for Hsg)+Vehicle & fuel+ schooling for Kids in respective national schools.

I have about sixteen years of oil industry experience and am making much more currently than what is offered to me by KOC.

I would like to know if it is worth taking up the offer considering the living costs and saving potential.

What kind of place can I get for rent in 450KD? Is it good enough to get a nice 3BR apt in a nice compound having a swimming pool, gym, tennis etc.

I have a son who is 5th Std right now. Are there any good Indian schools there? My son currently studies in a reputed internation school. Will I be able to afford an International school for him with the salary offered?

Please help me with the replies to the above Q's.

I'll really appreciate it.


dear Maliki,

i believe you have answered your own question: you are currently making much more than what KOC is offering.

your children are going to much better schools.

why would you contemplate uprooting them now, only to send them back for university?

as far as Indian schools are concerned, your best bet is to check out and inquire there, from what I have heard from my Indian friends, the level of education here is not comparable to India, here you have housewives for teachers etc.

As a salary to live in Kuwait, that is good. as for the amenities you are requesting for accommodation, it might run you more than 450 a month.

Well...yes I am making more money here but it is a rotation job where I am away from family for 4-5 weeks.

I can compromise on the salary to stay on resident status with family in Kuwait but I wanted to know if what I am being offered is good to live and save a little.

Also whether the salary being offered is comparable as per KOC standards.

I'll appreciate if you can share info on this.


i dont work for KOC so i wouldnt really know what they deem to be comparable.

as far as a salary, yes you can save on that. a lot, depending on your spending/living habits.

hi bro...
I m Pramod kumar from India. and I m a student &I want come to Kuwait after complete study for doing the job in management & financial related job so you may advised me??
M No.+919045157145

rich information.. thanx a lot

hey all, nice post. Is salary of 1450/month all inclusive a decent one ?


Hi AAkol
My opinion is slightly different from above. With 800kd and a wife and kid, as for me it is quite impossible to save 400kd. A 2-bedroomed flat will cost you the least 350kd, even so it will be difficult to find a decent one. Onything below 350kd would be very very small.

The school fees can be quite expensive. Your kid is 4+ and soon he will need to be in a primary school. A good British/American primary school would charge between 1800 - 2800kd a year. If you chooose to go to Indian scholl, it will be slightly less expensive. Perhaps you can negotiate with your potential employer to pay your kid school fees (or part of it). Also negotiate for them to get health insurance for your dependent.

The other thing that I'd like to add is the cost for your wife and kid's visa. Each dependent will cost about 200KD (one off).

What are you going to do for transport?

I hope that helps.

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How is it for an Egyptian living in Kuwait?

Its ok I guess :)

ive been a year here but I dont know about this..thanks man!

as far as i know the salary offered to you is only for first comer in KOC. Well, I dont work there so im not so sure. With the Housing Allowance thats not enough if you want house with tennis court maybe swimming because swimming pool is a common facilities in big apartments. You got a long years of experience they should give you more than that, but considering that you can bring ypur family and be with them everyday, you need to weight.

i will like to know the minimum salary of a work.i will like to asked if a worker is paid according to his certificate obtain

i will like to know the minimum salary of a work.i will like to asked if a worker is paid according to his certificate obtain

Yes it is.

Hey Bloggers,

First of all let me thank you for the wonderful posts up to this point. I am thinking over an offer made to me to teach in Kuwait. The salary would be $9742 KD/year, or just over $800KD/month. I have spent time in the middle east before, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, but none for anything longer than a month or so. Could someone offer any advice or information on the lifestyle Kuwait has to offer, some customs or cultural norms to be aware of etc. I am well versed in the Islamic culture so I am more looking for advice or information specific to the Kuwaiti way of life, things to do there, things to watch out for, etc.

I would love any type of information.
Thank you in advance!

whats up with the $ sign,

Dear all,

Good afternoon...!

I need some immediate help as I am not having much time to solve it...! The case is as follows

I have been offered a job in one of the biggest private companies in Kuwait for the position of Mechanical Engineer. Basically it is an EPC (Oil & Gas)company. My total experience is 4 years and my qualification  is BE Mechanical Engineering. I am 26 Year old and I am from India. I have been working in other GCC countries for the past 4 years. I am bachelor also.

I have been offered a total salary of 800 KD (Inclusive of food+accommodation+transportation) + Insurance + Medical. I was told by the company HR that shared accommodation cost will come around 30 KD, Food expense from Indian Mess will be around 30 KD and transportation mostly will be by the company. They are telling maximum expense will come around 120 KD/Month.

I request everyone to have a look on the above and please let me know the reality.

I would be really grateful and thankful if you could help me in this case.

Thanks in advance.

i want to money arning.

Hi goverdhan verma,

Can you please gives us more details about what you are looking for? This might help us to guide you. :)



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Thanks a lot

This gentlemen explains all,,, knows what is he talking about,,, Excellent draft


I am really considering renting in a neighborhood called sabah al salem! Any advice about the rent, the friendliness of the poeple there???? Thanks


Hi aymanbanat,

Can you please avoid posting in Caps lock, this make your text hard to read. :)

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Hello PerfectPathfinder,

Wanted to discuss with you more on this..

Hi everyone! Recently discovered this site while I was looking for information on Kuwait as I've been offered a job in Kuwait and don't know if it is really worth it.
I'm a geotechnical engineer with more than 15 years of experience. I've been offered a job site based in Khiran (you know they are building a whole new city over there!)
I've been offered 2000KD a month plus accomodation, car, Healthcare cover and annual flight allowance.
I would be travelling with my wife and my 8 yrs old doughter.

Do you think it is good enough?
Thank you in advance, I find it hard to make a decision.

its good enough.

Ok David you got it,,,

You must be very luck and fortune,,, grab it!

Hello All,

I am considering moving to Kuwait. My prospective employer is located in Sharq. I have been offered a salary of 950KD, all inclusive.
I am married (without kids as of now) and planning to move with my wife. I need your suggestions/recommendations if the salary is decent enough to cover following expenses and then save some too..

1. 1 bedroom + 1 hall and kitchen apartment
2. Travel to office with taxi initially and buy a car (pre-used) after 4-5 months (estimated travel to office is 5 days per week)
3. Food expenses (including occasional meals at malls/restaurants)
4. Cover expenses for occasional shopping and medical requirements, if any

I thank you in advance, in anticipation..

No worries, you will be OK,,,

Hi everyone
I have got an offer from KNPC as operations engineer with salary of 1470 KD/month all inclusive.
I have got one more offer from Saudi Aramco as process engineer(direct hiring)with around 20000 SAR per month(all inclusive) + children education, medical for family, paid tickets,etc.

Which offer is good from money as well as family point of view.
I have a three members family.

Pls reply..

Great information which helps me!Many thanks.

Very useful info specially about the info on Gulf Talent.


Kuwait is very good salary for everthing

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