Koc's new Ahmadi hospital

Hi guys, I was selected for the post of registrar ENT surgeon in October 2017 by koc in Mumbai India. I signed their contract. My friends who were selected that day got the confirmation letter after one week. I am still waiting since three months. Just want to know few things
1. Should I wait even after the expiry of the contract which is due this month
2. Is There hope?
3.i spoke to koc's recruitment office. They are like I could be there in their backup list
4. Anyone have any news regarding the new hospital.. Is it functioning.
Anyone in the same boat?
It's frustrating to wait

Hello Drlorddmk,
I wish you already got a NOC from KOC  already when you see this post. if not, please do not frustrated too much. Sometimes it may take more than 6 months from signing on offer to get a NOC officially.
I am sure New Ahmadi Hospital need more medical staffs.

I haven't got their conformation letter yet...I enquired in koc... They said I might be in their backup list.. So if their preferred candidates opt out.. Then they will look into candidates from the backup list.... My agent is just asking me to wait..

It seems there is no other way except to wait for it. Good Luck!!

what salary are they offering to registrar.  Is there increment based on experience??

kindly do reply

thanks and regards
Dr Md Shadab Shamsi,  Riyadh

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