Hello! I'm moving to Mauritius next month but I find it quite hard to look for room rentals online. Can you advise me on how to go about it? Should I stay in a hotel first and look for a place when I am there. I want to stay in Rose Hill as it is close to my work in Ebene.


You can use Lexpress Property, one of the largest real estate directories, to look for room rentals.

You can well stay at a hotel while looking for a place or you can book a rental before arriving in Mauritius.

If you will be working in Ebene, the most suitable places to live would be Rose Hill, Beau Bassin, Quatres Bornes or Ebene itself.

Hi there is a self catered accommodation in Quatre-Bornes. It's around 500 rupees per day. It's on the main road with easy access to all amenities. Let me know if you are interested.

Hi, there is a nice Airbnb studio in Rose-Hill. I've been there and I met somebody who stayed there too.


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