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Hello Friends,

I am working is singapore since past 3 Years. As you all already know that norms for EP has changed once again by Ministry of Manpower, singapore. To enjoy privileges of DP, one must earn more than 6K/ month.

I am an electronic engineer and working for energy management and smart metering company. My application for EP was done on 19th December 2017. It has been more than 2 weeks, however the status is still pending. I have worked for 2 different companies and previously EP approval was within 7days.

Ministry of manpower has now increased the timeline upto 3weeks. Anyone else in a same league waiting for EP approval?

I am sure my EP will be approved, it's just a small wait.


You should read recent forum discussions about this: Current EP processing times at MoM is 1 - 3 months.

Dear Kalpesh, if this is of any solace to you, my EP application has been pending since the 28th of November for a Senior VP position with a high salary in the Oil & Gas sector. There's nothing one can do but wait, wait, wait....Kind Regards

Hi Lee,

You should receive the good news in some days.

Btwn are you currently staying in singapore or how? In any case you may prepare with the documents:

1) A letter justifying why the company needs this candidate, e.g. special skills set that cannot be found locally

2) The candidate’s job description

More likely they may ask for above. All the best.

Dear Kalpesh

You are absolutely right. They put in a comment on my application file on the 28th of December asking for exactly these pieces of information. Our company lodged the reply with a letter and various supporting documents on 29th Dec itself. Since then the waiting period has commenced anew. Regards

ok, got it!

Dont worry its just that they have become more stringent.

Your application will get through for sure. If MOM ask something while evaluating any application they expect good response from applicant company. If they do not receive the documents by the given deadline, they will treat your request as reject. If received all the said document's then more likely to be approved.

Hi my application also still pending almost 2 month  :sosad:

Hi Beppi,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, there are many cases who are waiting since 3 Months. I will check other forums as well. But if MOM has not asked for any documents and still waiting then there is a high chance of rejection.

On their website they still mention processing time 3 weeks ( Most of the cases though)

For online applications, we will process:
Applications and renewals of EP, S Pass, DP and LTVP within 3 weeks for most cases.

For manual applications, we will process:
Applications for EP, S Pass and related passes within 8 weeks for most cases.

http://www.mom.gov.sg/faq/work-pass-gen … ork-passes


Hi Zee,

is this your first application in singapore? what field you are working , company background?

All the best with your application.


Dear All

I am happy to advise that I got the EP approval this Friday last. It took 5 weeks in total for it to come through. Kind Regards

Hi lee did your pass was rejected at first and did they give you the time frame and reason of rejection??

Dear Serenity, no, it wasn't rejected as such. Our HR had applied on the 28th of November and it took 5 weeks for the confirmation.

My overall assessment of the entire episode is as follows:

A. It's really not clear what exactly is analyzed at the MOM in making a decision
B. It is better if your HR can ensure that your candidate profile, as submitted to the MOM, is as clear and well-articulated as possible and must clearly lay out the reasons why the company wants you and not a local Singaporean
C, Try to be descriptive and truthful in your application
D. Hope for the best

Kind Regards and all the best to all the aspirants still waiting for the positive news

Congratulations !

See i told you, your application will get through for sure :) By the way even my EP got approved last week.


Dear Kalpesh, yes, indeed you were very positive about the outcome and I thank you for that. Congratulations for being successful in your application, too. It's been one heck of a rollercoaster ride.

Kind Regards

I apply for maintenance inspector. Yet my pass still pending. I worried that the company cant confirm my employment since it take too long to approved.

Hi Zee,

Ask your company HR if they have received any queries/questions from M.O.M?

Your company may need to provide documents to justify why they want to hire a foreigner instead of Local singaporean.

All the best with your application. There are different ways to make sure that application is not rejected without asking for justification, but you need a strong support from your employer; esp HR.


Kalpesh Bhanushali.

They dint receive any question from mom. Any suggestion for me?

Hi Zee,

If it has been more than 2 Months already and no reply from M.O.M then for sure there is some blocker.

However if status is still pending without any further queries then you may ask your employer to contact M.O.M and check the status with your application number. They can advice how long it will take to update the result.

Do you have the relevant degree & past experience  in the field of your application? I need to know this before i comment on your application outcome prediction :)

Anyways be positive and hope for the best. Good Luck.


I hv degree in civil engineering and hv experience in road inspection.

Okay in that case your EP application shouldn't be rejected because of educational background. Now, It depends more or less on your company profile and work pass quota.

Wish you all the best. Keep in touch with your company HR and ask them to be prepared to submit the following documents when asked for:

·        A letter justifying why the company needs this candidate, e.g. special skills set that cannot be found locally

·        Please provide us with a copy of the candidate's latest employment contract, stating the breakdown of his/her fixed monthly salary components

·        List of the company’s existing employees (both local and foreign), stating their NRIC number/FIN, name, nationality, job title, fixed monthly salary, place of work, number of working hours per week

·        The candidate’s job description

·        Latest 3 months' corporate bank records reflecting payment of salaries to the company’s employees (please highlight each record clearly)

·        Proof of the company’s ongoing business in Sinagpore, eg contracts, invoices

Good Luck.

My employer had applied for my EP on 18th Jan 2018 and it got approved today on 31st Jan

Hi All,
I am based in Houston, Texas and my company is transferring me to Singapore for an Expat Assignment. I work for an Oil & Gas Services as a Senior Manager. My salary in Singapore will be >SGD15,000 per month. I have MBA and MS in Engineering with ~10 years of experience. The Employment Pass application was made on 27th December 2017 and it is still showing pending. Based on the threads I have seen it appears that many applications are taking longer than stipulated 3 weeks. I would appreciate if people have any comments on EP approvals based on cases seen in last few months.

The processing duration is a mixed bag - we have seen several taking months, as well as a few that were approved or rejected within a week or two.
Above S$12000/month, approval is more likely, because different criteria apply.

Hi All,

I browsed this forum pretty frequently the past 3 months when I was waiting for my EP. So now that I got my EP I thought I'd share with everyone.

I was rejected twice due to some admin error. First time took about 8 working days, second time about 14 working days to get status. Third time finally got approved and took around 8 days in Jan 2018.

My salary is above 10k and have an MBA in the US. 

I hope this helps.

Thanks! I will keep group updated once I hear something.

The Employment Pass was approved to today (online status). In my case it was filed on 27 December 2017. It took 6 weeks.

Congrats, good days are ahead.

Hi Surya2k just want to ask if i my IPA is valid until march 26 but im still at my current employer til april 24 is there any hindrance about the issuance of  my pass in the future. Because in the IPA says the employer should ask the issuance of pass before  march 26. Thanks

You (or, rather, your employer) must apply for an extension of the IPA. One additional month is easy to get.
Do not let it expire!

Oh ok thanks.. can the employer appy the issuance of my pass even my current spass is not cancel yet???


Serenity2003 :

can the employer appy the issuance of my pass even my current spass is not cancel yet???

Your old employer must cancel the old EP first, before a new one can be issued.

Thanks beppi in that case if my new employer will extend my IPA for 1 month and it bcome april 26 and my current employer will cancel my pass on april 24 is there still enough time for my new employer to apply for issuance of my pass wherein my IPA will knly be until april 26???😣😣😣

I don't think that is enough time.
Your employer should thus contact MoM, give them your proposed starting date and ask for an IPA to match that date.

I understand thanks beppi i hope they can make a way to figure this out.

How long does it take to receive IPA after you see Approved online? Also, if dependent passes were applied concurrently do they get approved same time as well? I am planning my move from Houston to Singapore so trying to understand timeframe after it shows approved online? Thank you

It takes a few days for the IPA to be sent to you.
Usually DPs are processed at the same time (if they were applied for together).


Hello All,

My EP pending for the last two week "awaiting input from vetting agencies" application was filled on 22nd Jan.I checked with my university regarding for degree verification they replied they have not received any request so far from any vetting agency.
Any idea does vetting agency really verified from the university or only in case if there is some doubts. As it has been two weeks they vetting should have contacted  university by now if needed.

MoM does not disclose which vetting agencies they use, what information and how it is verified and how long the process takes.
Anecdotal evidence shows that it can take many weeks or even months, especially in "messier" countries.

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