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In My case the EP was applied on Friday 23rd march and on Monday MOM asked copy of Certificates of Old qualification which was provided to them by the agency, but no status showing by passport search.


My EP was submitted on 12 of march, still no update on the Status. It is still in pending stage. Did you get your EP ? if so how long did it take ?

How can i search by passport details ?

demhalalib :

How can i search by passport details ?

You need your FIN number to log into MoM's EPonline system. Ask for it from your employer!

ya.. I think we cant check without the FIN.

Hi All I am managed to see the EP Application Status online which is showing Pending now, but as per HR they applied 10 days back and on MOM website it shows date of application as 3rd April. I have applied EP for the first time. Please guide why there is 7 days difference.

There may have been documents missing, without which MoM did not accept the application - or they were simply too busy to enter your application for these seven days.

Hi All,
Just to let u all know that my pass had been approve after 20 days. Hope you all get your pass approved soon!

Congratulations... feeling good for you. Positive News is always good...

srivastavasmnavy :

Hi All I am managed to see the EP Application Status online which is showing Pending now, but as per HR they applied 10 days back and on MOM website it shows date of application as 3rd April. I have applied EP for the first time. Please guide why there is 7 days difference.

Hi [at]srivastavasmnavy, Did you ask your employer for your FIN our you used a friend's FIN number? I am also trying to track it using a friend's FIN number but keep getting an error which says E0000236: No record found

Hi after a week of application I am able to check my status online using passport number. Once your application shows up on MoM site it gives you FIN, application number and date of Application along with the status..

Hi all, my EP was applied on 3rd April.  Awaiting the approval with fingers crossed.  I see that several people have mentioned that they are waiting for more than 2 months.  But recently one of my friend has got his EP approved within 7 days during Feb '18 (first time application).  His salary is 10K and 14yrs experienced.  Not an extraordinary profile.  Just wanted to share this.  Seems some people get it in such short time frame too.

You can check using just the passport number.  In the field for FIN, give your passport number.  It will take you to next screen where you can give passport number again in the Travel document field.  I searched mine using passport number only and then noted down the FIN.

[at]ankushmath, may I know your salary offered and no of years of exp?

Hi guys, my EP just got rejected... I'm really sad since the company don't have a quota for SPass also. They have emailed the MOM to ask for the reason of rejection and request to appeal but I am really sure it is because of the salary & experience (their offer is S$3600). I have a master's degree but with less than a year work experience. even though my company said that "we'll sort this out for you" but I am a bit skeptical and very worried so now I am searching and applying for other companies just in case.. Any thoughts guys? Thanks!

It is always best to keep your options open and have a plan B.

hello since when your company applied you?


Thank you!! Wish me luck


Hi, they applied me last month (around 20-25ish of March) then I got informed 2 weeks after that it is rejected 😭


My application was on Apr 4th and still waiting. Did you get any reply?

Not yet. Looking at the experience of others, i dont think it will come anytime in the next couple of weeks.

EP applied on 18 April, 2 weeks is going to complete tomorrow. Hoping to get within next 1 week or so as the first time it took 2 weeks with a smaller organization. This time with the permanent role with one of the reputed organization in Sg. let see


Any update on your EP yet? Mine was applied on 9th April - Shows pending.

Applied on 4th April and the status is still “pending”. Hope to see an update at least by next week 😊goodluck guys.

Mine was applied on feb 6th and still, the status is pending.

Oh that’s quite a long period since you have applied. If you don’t mind may I ask you if it’s for a new co. Or existing and just a relocation? Mine is only a relocation for my existing job.

it is a fresh EP application.

[at]sguser99 I hope that you get your EP decision soon - That's quite a long wait!

Hope so :)

My EP just got approved today.

Great [at]rrranjan! Congratulations!

I have been going though various threads in this forum for last 4 months, so thought to share my case with everyone who's waiting for their EP to get approved.
(I have total 7.5 years of experience out of which 4 years of experience in S'pore)

Employer1:- My EP application was initially submitted by Employer1 on 18th Jan 2018
few days later my employer was asked to upload yearly transcripts.
But sadly my EP was rejected on 9th Feb 2018 without asking any additional documents or justification and without giving any specific rejection reason.
Employer re-appealed twice with some supporting documents but it was rejected both times after 11 and 12 working days respectively

Employer2:- Luckily got another employer and they applied for my EP on 30th March
and let me add that it took 10 working days to show my status as "Pending"
Again MOM asked for yearly transcripts, additionally after 3 weeks MOM asked for justification to hire foreigner, so my Employer submitted it with some supporting docs
and finally today i.e. on 4th May my EP got approved.

No wonder I hear someone saying it's no less than a roller coaster ride

Special thanks to Beppi and Surya for keeping this forum updated.
and Good Luck to all those aspirants waiting for their EP/Spass


Hi [at]user80 - Thankyou for sharing.

But in my case, it's pending and the status is not changed for the last 3 months

user80: congrats.

To others, never give up and keep trying hard till the time, luck will turn in your favour again. Lastly, have patience. Good things don’t come so easily. Good luck to all.

sguser99: Ask ur employer to check with MoM, normally they speed up the process once get a reminder from the employer. Good luck

Hey Guys - My EP was approved today (for 2 years) and almost immediately the Employer received the IPA (valid for 6 months). 6.5 Years Exp with 7.5k SGD Salary.


Congratulations :)

Guys, my EP approved today.  It was applied on 3rd Apr.  However i got only for a year which is bit disappointing.  Anyway i'm happy that i got it in a month. All the best for others waiting for the approval.

Congratulations Raj..

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