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It’s time to just ignore this Sadaiyappan, as he is not able or willing to understand our answers.
All that can be said (without being MoM) about his case has already been said.

We have already responded to your query, but you keep on asking same questions repeatedly. Ask your employer to check with MoM that why it’s not showing in EPOnline. Let your employer come back to you what MoM said. There is nothing I or you or anyone can do.

hi surya..
today i asked my employer,they replied like,
your old status (withdrawn) will not change to  pending .. when will the new application get approved , you can see the approved status only
1.the above is  it true or not??
than employer said my status is now in pending in employer portal 2.(employer login to eponline with singpass to see my application status)) Is also true or not???

Do you have reason to mistrust your employer?
If so, maybe it is better not to join them!

sorry beppi & surya for the repeated questions..
i trust my employer .. but i paid money to agency..
the above answer i haven't heard .. so only i ask you & surya.   
i above answer was true or not ??
please give proper guidance...

If you paid money to an agent for the EP application, you have been cheated and there is probably no job and no application.
By law, the employer has to cover the (very reasonable) fee for the EP and also all agency fees in case the decide not to apply on their own (which is easy). Charging the job seeker is illeagal.
But that, too, has been written many times on the forum. Please in future read before you post!

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