Opportunities in Engineering?

Hi all,
I am currently residing in Johannesburg South Africa. I have been employed at the same company for more than 6 years now as QMS Optimizer & ISO 9001 Internal Auditor.
Yeah, I have the itch, to improve my life and am looking for a relocation opportunity. I am not asking for a job, but if anyone can assist with links to Engineering Companies in Mauritius I would welcome it.
Thank you all.

Look on MyJob and CareerHub

Thanks for your suggestion.

Hi Sandra,

I think this will help you :
- http://www.apave.mu/
- http://forgestardieu.com/
- https://www.maxworks-ltd.com/
- http://www.edcconline.com/
- http://prodesign.mu/
- http://www.luxconsult.mu/
- http://www.systemsbuilding.com/en
- http://www.consultec.mu/
- http://www.gibbmauritius.com/

There are many others of course. Some job portals like myjob have a list of companies where you can filter them by category.


Hi Chris,
Thank you for the info

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