Banking industry in Kuwait. How easy is it to shift careers?

Hello guys!

My name is Sara and Im currently a banker in one of the multi national banks (been working in it for almost two and a half years) in my country (Im not in Kuwait yet).

So, I've been thinking about pursuing my banking career in Kuwait. I've got a job offer in which Ill be working something irrelevant in Kuwait (ill be talking about that in a different post), yet Im thinking of taking it as a first step on the way to shifting to banking once again ( Im not sure if this will negatively impact my cv, but its my only way ).

I wanted to ask you guys, if you have any idea whether or not its actually an easy process, I mean, is it easy to shift to banking in Kuwait , given that I do have banking experience? How long do I have to stay in the job offered to me before terminating the contract?

I just want some general advise in regards to the banking industry there, and what they look for in candidates before I take this risk.

Thank you so much <3

It’s not easy to penetrate into banking in Kuwait as it’s considered as a premium job and is in high demand. You being a bilingual may have some competetive edge that you can expolite once you get in. With my banking experience and understanding of the industry, I don’t think adding an irrelevant job for some time will adversely impact your banking profile. It may rather add diversity to your experience if you step in a good field with a good role.
Good luck

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