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Good evening, I'm an Italian girl and I'm a fresh graduate in political science and international relations with particular attention to the Arabian Gulf countries.
I know English and Arabic and I'm looking for work in Kuwait.
I'm sending so many cv but I do not get any response. I feel really demoralized.
I have worked for several years as secretary and manager consulting
If anyone knew some open work position that I might be useful, please tell me.
I am available to move immediately.
Good day to all.

Hi Blackmoontc,

I invite you to post your job search in the Jobs in Kuwait section, it is free and it can help you in your search.

I would also advise you to have a look at the Living in Kuwait guide section, it might also help.


Expat.com team  :cheers:

first things first, u need to establish connections here - either preferably in your area of expertise or with fellow Italian nationals - u can use this very forum to contact em.

second, u use those two networks to help you find a job as opposed to sending CVs online.

you might end up with a temp job, which may later turn into an actual contract.

i'll keep my eyes and ears open if anything interesting comes by.

Thanks so much legacy.
I'm really trying to send many cv but without any response. Someone even said couldn't  make online interview  and they are looking for people with a work visa. I'm really uncomfortable and I do not know how to fix the situation.

Try to send your C.v to Private Universities in kuwait.


with best wishes

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