Will i lose the indemnity of my service?

Hello friends,

Nice to be a part of the community. I hope you can help! Me and my friend have been working in company A in Kuwait which was under the ownership of a Kuwaiti national.  I have served 4 years and my friend finished 5 years. But since last 4 years my visa was being issued under company B and my friends visa under company A. Now the owner and management has changed and our visa expires soon. The management is planning to change my visa to company A and my friends visa to company B (they are exchanging our owner and company)

1. By doing this what benefits do the company gain on us? Or what benefits do we lose like Indemnity?

2. If we want to leave the company, what are the procedures we need to follow according to Kuwait law, once we get a new owner/company after the visa renewal

Tricky, simply ask for a salary continuity certificate, on it it'll mention the date you joined the company.

Big companies in Kuwait regularly move expats on different subsidiaries due to closures or quota problems. It's quite technical so i won't bore u with the specifics but so long as u haven't signed a new employment contract, u need not worry.

Thanks for the advise Legacy.  :)

Yes, i have sensed something fishy in their moves. There are rumors in the office, that they might come up with a new contract, but i really am not sure. I am just worried because my visa finishes by the end of this month and our mandhoob says that it will take time and the process is still in progress.

Can you please explain what is a salary continuity certificate and at what circumstances can we ask for it?

if you are travelling to Europe for example, you are requested to provide a salary certificate and a salary continuity certificate. tell them its for travel purposes.

Thanks again Legacy.

I will ask for a salary continuity certificate and see what comes forth. Now our company also asks to pay for our visa renewal!

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