Wanting to relocate to Mauritius

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My name is Leoaura currently residing in South Africa. I am a Tourism Management graduate with 10years aviation experience and an International Qualification from Iata Geneva Switzeland allowing me to work anywhere in the world.

We have been to Mauritius recently for a month to get a feel of the different areas,culture and the feel of living amongst the locals,this was to see if our two kids will be able to adapt to a change in lifestyle.
We have decided that Mauritius is where would like to be due to the fact that our children will not lose their culture(Hinduism)
My husband is self employed and can work from anywhere in the world.
We are looking at purchasing property and was wondering what is the best possible way forward.

Any advice regarding the above will greatly assist.

Warm Regards

Are you going to live here for a long time (15 to 20 Years min) or are you looking for a medium term stay (5-10 Years). You can invest in the tourist villa around the island which are available to the foreigners. But these tend to be quite expensive. These tend to be for foreigners looking to obtain a residence permit.

Another option is to rent out property over long period. This type of property will be more near the major towns on the island. This would be least expensive and will allow you the option to change region if you see that you are not adapting to it.

Hope this has helped you.
Inbox or Email me if you need more info.

Hi! Deenesh

I would say 5-10yrs we cannot predict what the future holds for us.

Please forward me your email address.


There are many South African nationals relocating to Mauritius. In my opinion, Deeneshd, you're being a bit too generalist in your comment. I mean, what you're saying is general knowledge.

(a)  There are no tourist villas as such, but IRS / RES / PDF villas. True, they target mostly foreigners, for either investment or as a home. If you purchase a villa of more than USD500,000 you are entitled to Permanent Residency based on your ownership. You can freely purchase for lesser amount (though none exist), and can apply for a residency permit through other plans (investor, self-employed, retired, etc.)

(b)   Renting is the only choice for those who don't want to purchase property. The nearer you are to the beach, the more expensive the rentals are.

Based on what I read, your husband may qualify for a self-employed occupation permit (provided he has qualifications for what he does). He would need to show a minimum of USD35,000 as investment and will be bound to a minimum yearly turnover. Your family will then qualify for a 3 year residency, renewable or transformable into a Permanent residence (based on specific conditions).

I would believe that you've already visited Mauritius prior to deciding that it is suitable to be your next home.

All the best

Thank you Nadeem
for that useful piece of information,we will take into consideration all the helpful advice given.


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