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Hi.. I'm a Medical Doctor from Sri Lanka with over 5 years of experience and interested in a career in Middle east. If I wish to practice in Kuwait as a Medical Officer do I need to sit for a licencing exam? Could anyone kindly give me the relevant details please?

I know few doctors here in Kuwait need to check with them,

Will msg u shortly if I get any information.

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Thanks for the reply nileshtks..  :)  I would be waiting for the details.

I appreciate your cooperation with this regard.

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Good day house, I am a doctor currently working in Africa, though completed my medical degree in Kharkov national medical university Ukraine.i am interested in working as medical doctor in Kuwait, please how do I go about it. Thanks

This service allows citizens, residents, and visitors to issue professional physician and dentist licenses to work in the government sector in the State of Kuwait
The applicant's scientific certificates must be approved by the Ministry of Higher Education
The professional license from the Ministry of Health must be obtained
The applicant must pass the personal interview at the Ministry of Health, for non-Kuwaiti doctors

Are you in kuwait right now?

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