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Hi Everyone!

I am Mitch and I am new here. I would like to share with you my experience and like to hear your suggestions/ opinion.

Last year I visited Singapore and initially intended to stay there for a week. The officer did stamped my passport for 30 days  however noted the details of my return flight. I decided to use the 30 days to find a job (it was my first time to travel. I honestly believe it was just fine to do that as long as it will not exceed the 30 days). Luckily I got interviewed and was given time to think whether to accept the offer or not. During this time I decided to exit and went to Malaysia for 1 night. When I return I was refused to enter again the country and received a letter of refusal (being ineligible) 😔 I returned to Malaysia and stay at my cousins' for 2 weeks before I returned to Philippines.

It's been 7 months and I would like to return to Singapore and continue to find the job. My question is, is it possible that ICA will refused me again due to the incedent last year? Am I blocklised? Is it safe to return now?

Thank you so much for your help. I will highly appreciate it.

ICA refused as you didn't follow the rules, it says you need to stay out of 5 days from the departure date in order to consider the re-entry. So, next time go through the rules before facing such difficulties in future.

I don't think ICA would be blacklisted you for that nor it will prevent you to enter into Singapore in future.

Second part of your question (written to my personal mailbox), how difficult or easy to get a job in Singapore while you are on a tourist visa.

It's not easy to get a job during short time frame but again if you have good referrals then chances are high to get an interview call and if things go well & employer selected you then they will apply for S pass or employment pass (go through the MoM website for more details).

Please beware of scammers and don't give money for arranging interviews or job offer as it's illegal in Singapore. Good luck.

Hi surya2k

Again thank you for the information. I know it's not easy to be employed within a short period of time. I am considering the online extension something of Singapore but heard that there is a very least chance of approval. What do you think is the best way to extend my stay in Singapore? Im worrying about exiting the country again.

Thank you in advanced.

Online extension is possible if someone in Singapore who will sponsor you and do log in the ICA website and apply another 30 days extension. Or else you may have to exit on 29th day of your stay then visit to Malaysia/any other countries for a week then return.

Hi again,

My apology for too many questions. I just want to be sure that I will not go beyond their law. Sponsor should be Singaporean or PR only right? If that's the case I think it's not possible for me. If I exit again there is no assurance that they will grant me another 30 days and worst they might refused me again. Anyway I think it's worth to try again. I am hoping for a positve result.

Thank you so much sir

Even any Employment pass holder can apply your extention to another 30days and apply online if he is your relative or known person to your family. If required he or she may write a letter to ICA for that. No need for a PR or citizen sponsorship required here.

If you stay away at least 5days then return, possibly they won't reject your entry again. Good luck.

Hi surya2k,

Again, thank you. I have another question, just in case I already find a job do you think it will affect my application for employment pass?

By the way my passport has a stamped of "W" which I read from other forum that it is deadly?? Really have no idea what it means.


Hi there,

May I ask if what part of Spore you exit? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the "W" is from Woodlands? Mine got "T" stamp from Tuas..

Good Luck for coming back in SG!!

MitsAa01: Those stamp indications are an entry point via in road.

Pertaining to your EP approval, there could be an impact if any case pending at ICA, police neighbor hood or at banks are still open. So, not sure about current status of your case. Good luck

Hi ms_adhel

Yes I exit at woodlands. So it does'nt mean anything aside from mentioned above? Thank you po.

Hi surya2k

What do you mean by this? "case pending at ICA, police neighbor hood or at banks are still open" sorry I am confused. I just thought they just refused me because I did not follow the note on mu passport.  Thank you again.

If you didn't not follow certain rules at entry point you were caught and refused to enter into Singapore. If that case is closed at ICA then it's fine. But, if it shows as an open case at ICA record then it might have an impact to your working pass process.

Hi surya2k,

Im sorry to bother you again.

I am really worried now as I am going back to SG this month. I also ask some of my friend whether the issuance of letter of ineligible to entry will cause me a problem. Its been 7 months since I left sg. They told me that I need to write a letter of appeal for entry. Do you think its necessary? Or it will worsen the case if i write them a letter?

One more thing, on the embarkation card should I have to tick that I have been prohibited?

Thank you so much

If you have been prohibited from entering, you MUST contact ICA first - otherwise you will be turned away again!"
And on the embarcation card, you MUST be honest - otherwise you will be rejected just for that (and they can see everything in their computer!).

Hi beppi.

Thank you. From your answer I assume being refused and prohibited are the same. So I have to tick that I was once prohibited to enter SG. I hope it will not cause a problem on my planned visit.😥

It WILL cause a problem if you don't contact ICA and clear the issue up before your trip!

are u now in singapore again?

chasingtravs: check your mail, I have replied on your query.

May I request you to post your query in this forum so that other participants can share their views or participate. Thanks

Hi MitsAa01,

Can i ask if you succesfully enter singapore again?

Appreciate your response.

Please help me guys.  I have my interview this coming tues. Oct. 17. but my pass will expire on Oct 16. I've already exit in Malaysia to extend my pass that's last Sept 16. Last Oct 8 i've try to apply in ICA bldg. for extension with my uncle but they rejected me. I'm planning to exit again in another country like in Indonesia. Would it be possible? :'(

In Singapore, you should not exit and enter the country to get an extension of visa validity (a.k.a. visa run). This will only lead to troubles!
If you applied for an extension at ICA and it was rejected, you will also be rejected when you try to re-enter from Indonesia or elsewhere.
You can only try to go to ICA again and explain the situation and interview date and ask for a short extension by a few days. Or you change the interview date.

Agreed with Beppi. I would suggest to request the employer to rearrange the interview date so that you can attend the interview prior to your visa expiry. Looking at the situation, employer should be agreed. Don't go to ICA as it will be fruitless, they won't entertain (particularly when you have already extended your visa & they have rejected further extension). Good luck and all the best for your forthcoming interview.

Hi guys. If refused entry to singapore before, need to send in an appeal letter to ica first right? My friend was been refused as suspected of illegal working. He was looking for a job and he found one. His company want him to try out the job before he returning to Korea and come back to work officially. Then he was refused to enter when he went to JB for a short trip. His company said his work permit has been approved and now settling the security bond. Is there a chance of been rejected to enter again? Does he need to send in an appeal letter? While this happened, the work permit application was in process and approved after that.

Did he inform to the employer about this issue? Work visa is approved by MoM while entry into Singapore falls under ICA. Though I believe ICA must have shared your friend's history to MoM but it's always better check with ICA if it's cleared at their end before your friend visit, as chances are high he may get refusal to enter.

On separate note, don't come here to break rules. If you were not caught, then you are lucky and if you caught then you will be life time regretting for this silly mistakes. Avoid this at any cost. Any doubt before visiting Singapore, please post your query in this forum, forum members are happy to assist you. Good luck

Insightful thread! We really have to follow rules before going to another country. Moreover, intensive research should be done beforehand to prevent issues and delay.

Good day. I have an inquiry. I am currently in Singapore and my spass has been applied and it's pending. I want to go on a vacation first while waiting for the application to be approved. Will there be a problem for me coming back? Will ICA deny me entry even if I can present them an IPA already? I've been working in Singapore for 5 years but I never had this situation so I'm clueless.

Shouldn't be an issue, if you have clean record during your stay in Singapore. Good luck

I don't have any bad records or whatsoever. My friend's friend was denied entry in Singapore. He already his IPA with him, but it's his first time to work in Singapore. The thing was he didn't even present his IPA. He came in as a tourist. I'm not sure if ICA is stricter now when it comes to these kind of things.

If you have an IPA, show it when you enter the country. It is your visa for entering!

I am aware that it will serve as my visa to enter Singapore. But my friend was denied entry even if he had IPA letter with him. Is it case to case basis?

You said he did not show his IPA. Then of course it does not help!

hiiii.... just want to ask if did she make it back here in sg??? coz i also have the same situation with my husband...... im planning to bring him and my daughter here in sg for vication..... thank you and hope to get a reply from u soon..

MitsAa01 wrote:

Hi beppi.

Thank you. From your answer I assume being refused and prohibited are the same. So I have to tick that I was once prohibited to enter SG. I hope it will not cause a problem on my planned visit.😥

hi did you happend to came back in sg? thanks

Hi! I would like to know the answer also because I have a friend who resigned from his job then given 30 days stay in Singapore. His last day in Singapore was Dec 27 supposedly. Then he exits Malaysia Dec 23, he came back Dec 27, which is his last day right. Then the officer said he needs to come back in the Philippines and let him signed the REFUSAL OF ENTRY DUE TO CURRENT IMMIGRATION POLICY. Now, he has a job offer here in Singapore and his pass is pending now. Would it be possible for him to be approved OR after he got approved, is it also possible that he can enter Singapore after that REFUSAL OF ENTRY?

If he did not overstay, this will not affect his chances to get a work pass.
And with the IPA (In-Principle Approval) of the work pass, he can enter Singapore, regardless of this "refusal of entry".

I'm so happy to hear that good news beppi! ❤️ I will tell him no need to worry right? He can enter Singapore just bring the IPA with him. How come that in other forums they said they've been deported after they show their IPA? Is there any small chance that it depends on the officer if he can pass through the immigration?

Yes, an immigration officer can always (and for any reason) decide not to let you in. That is true for all border crossings worldwide. But with the proper documents, it is rare.
If your friend wants to be very sure, he can, after the IPA is issued, contact ICA and ask for the ban to be lifted (if that has not been done automatically).

Thank you beppi! 🙏🏻

Hi everyone

I have the same issue and it just happened yesterday... my problem is because my hotel booking is not under my name as my friend will come from different country...

They told me to write to ICA but i find it hard to emailed them as i don't know the email address/i shall to contact them instead from my country?

Is anyone know how to emailed them, cuz the immigration officer said once you get the reply i should to bring the printed if i want to come visit again in the future

thank you for your help

Below link will give you email address of ICA for your reference. Use the correct email address to reach out them. Good luck

thank you for your help surya