Why IPA Rejected/Unsuccessfull ?

Hi, It's Covid-19 season. During the mco, I never went directly to singapore to work, my employer let my permit die just so he told me, that he could not take me back to work in the old company. So, I chose to look for another job in Singapore. I entered in Early Nov 2020, after the completion of quarantine. on the first day, I had worked for more than 12 hours and that made me not want to continue working there. i have talked to the boss, to quit the job and even asked permission to him. he encouraged me to find a suitable company. I applied for a new job at company B but my IPA was not approved by MOM. Why?

Do you really think strangers on the Internet would know your rejection reasons better than you yourself, your employer or MoM. (Did you ask them?)
Did you read about the approval criteria and potential rejection reasons in related threads? If so, which ones do you think might apply in your case and why? After you tell us this, we could possibly comment further - but without knowing anything, it is impossible!

I worked in Singapore for the first time and it was the second company I worked for. Before I make a decision, I will ask the opinion of the previous employer. I also took careful steps before resigning. after the company cancels my ipa. I don't get special. why ye?

Did you read about the approval criteria and potential rejection reasons in related threads? If so, which ones do you think might apply in your case and why? After you tell us this, we could possibly comment further - but without knowing anything, it is impossible!

As mentioned above, we wouldn't know why your pass wasn't approved, or why you never secured your IPA. The submitter (employer, agency etc) would know the reasoning behind the rejection from MoM.

There is the criteria, then the scrutiny, also the legit justification as to why you are a better fit for the gig- I am sure you are aware of this.

Good luck.

among the reasons why our ipa can be rejected? after being rejected, we can't get a special pass for 7 days to stay in singapore

I myself pound do not know. Before I accepted the job I already knew the job scope. after working a few days, the job scope is different, even working more than 12 hours has violated the working law. I just don't want to be bullied, I want a $ 1200 salary to take action to complain to my mom, I don't know, I can only complain to my old employer. Because I often complain about the workplace. My boss decided to hire me back to the old company.

Problems in your old job have no influence on your new work pass application (at least as long at the old employer didn't complain about you to MoM).
Please read related forum posts to get an idea of what influences the decision by MoM. Then give us the full information about your case - so far we don't even know what kind of work pass you are talking about!
Only then could we try to help you.

I work as a waitress. In Bugis, if my old employer complained to my mom, then it is likely that my IPA will be rejected.

You mean if the employer complained to MoM (Ministry of Manpower)? (Did they?)
They are unlikely to complain to your mom (mother) - and if so, it will not have negative consequences for your work pass!

Hahahahaah  :D  sorry not my mother . I means MOM

Mom rejet my ipa application.can I apply again.plz send me reply plz

How long want waiting.plz help me

Wat reason for rejected.plz reply to me

Moorthy: You (or, rather, an employer willing to hire you) can apply for a work pass again immediately - but only in a different position. (If the employer does not want to appeal, or the appeal was unsuccessful, you lost the chance for this job!)

My name is naveen.moorthy is my father

My passport number [removed by moderators] please check why reject my work permit.... Last work permit fin is [removed by moderators]
My passport number [removed by moderators] please check why reject my work permit.... Last work permit fin is [removed by moderators]
- @mondalmohitosh20
Please note that discosing your personal data on the open Web can be abused by others and is thus dangerous.It is therefore also forbidden by the forum rules, which you should read before posting. I removed the parts of your message for your own safety. Please don't do it again!

You should log into EPOnline yourself to check your pass status. If that fails, ask your employer or MoM for assistance. However, rejection reasons are not shown online - to get them, your employer has to contact MoM.
Hello i currently work at singapore and now i got the new job. But my application IPA nkt approve from the MOM. I have sign the LOE of the company and know estimate date to join the company. Its that any change to make MOM approved my IPA.
Shafiq: If you are already in Singapore, you do not need an IPA (which is a one-time entry visa to get your work pass issued).
But what is this "LOE" that your company wants you to sign?

@beppi work permit applicationot approve? Why?

@beppi letter of employment i already sign but now work permit for new job not approve

Shafik: So this "LOE" is in fact your employment contract? All such contracts are contingent on the associated work visa being approved. So if yours is rejected, the contract is also void.
You can still work in your current job until your current work visa expires.
New company still can appeal back right.
Yes, an appeal is of course possible - but it only has a chance if the rejection reason is known and addressed.
Why was your application rejected?
Pls  help me to know  who can help me to chack .... My iPa riject form  Singapore (mom ) what is the reason?? PLS help me to know  what should I do...
Mdakmal: Your employer should contact MoM to find out the rejection reason!

Hello.i want tu ask questions,last 2 years im retrenchment bcause of covid .but i never sent back my work permit.my question is.if I apply any vagancy in sg will be problem?

@Muhamad007 Ask your ex-employer and/or MoM how to return your WP now. Late is better than never!

my eyes red and green  colour vision problem i can get singapore ipa

@sarkershimul12345 There is no problem getting an IPA ("In-Principle Approval"), since the medical check is after that (before the work pass is issued).

company apply ipa but mom there status medical unfit,so can't get ipa

@sarkershimul12345 You did your medical checkup before the IPA was issued (and then in your home country)? That is highly unusual: I have never heard that a medical check was needed to get an IPA - the medical check is normally performed after your arrival in Singapore (with IPA) and before the work pass is issued. Why did it work the other way in your case (and who initiated this)?

Hi. I read on the forum some people say in their cases status were pending from invalid then approve after appeal. Any one experience the same? Thanks.

@chihaian74 Yes, in the new EPOnline system it goes back to "pending" when an appeal was submitted.



    My name is mandal kader ali . I have working in Singapore Last 14years. I am came back in India may 2022.i have no any case in singapore.i am want to come back in Singapore my old company apply IPA more than 5 times but mom rejected my IPA. I am trying others company also but mom rejected my IPA. why mom rejected? can you help me please thank you.

@kaderali1388 Please do not double-post the same message - I had to remove your other one!

We, outsiders on an Internet forum without detailed knowledge of your case, cannot tell why your work pass application was rejected. But you are welcome to read related discussions on this forum to get an idea what COULD be causing it.

In the end, only your employer can get a definitive answer, by contacting the processing officer at MoM.

Sorry sir for double Post thank you sir.sir can you help me give me some idea how to coming back in Singapore? Thank you sir .

@kaderali1388 To visit Singapore, you (Indian citizen according to your profile) need a visa. You can apply for it at your nearest Singapore embassy. After that, book a flight and travel!

If you want to work in Singapore, you need to find a job at an employer willing to apply for your work visa. Getting a work visa can be difficult.

Good morning sir.if employer looked processing officer at mom.my employer apply IPA after I am can getting IPA ? Thank you sir.