PLOC (pre-approved letter of consent)

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I'm a foreigner who just transferred to SG due to my recent marriage to a Singaporean. Finally secured an LTVP and PLOC and now currently seeking a job. I wanted to check if there are any here who find/found themselves in a similar situation. Does it make the process smoother for a foreigner to secure a job here? What processes should i be aware of that i will encounter down the line?

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This is the first time I hear about a PLOC. Could you please explain more about it?
Normally, an LoC is issued for work at one employer. Is yours open for all?

The only restrictions for PLOC are occupations such as a journalist, editor, producer, or any religion-related occupation. When my spouse and i applied for my Spousal LTVP, there was an option to apply for a PLOC at the same time. So it was processed alongside my LTVP and was released a day after i received my FIN card. It's supposedly not counted against a company's foreign worker quota.

Thanks for posting this. I did some research:
Apparently, the PLOC exists since a year ago. Only spouses and minor children of citizens and PRs, who hold an LTVP/LTVP+ can get one. It allows free access to the job market and work in almost any job with very few restrictions. You can also change jobs or be unemployed while holding it (unlike the normal LoC or any other work pass).


Hi, do u manage to secure job with ploc?

@rajagauri Yes. Process is straightforward. I just provide my employer my FIN and the employer's copy of the PLOC. 

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