LTVP Application(Spouse of SC)

Hello everyone! I just wanted to thank you for answering all my questions.

My LTVP application is now successful.

I Just wanted to post here my experience and hoping that it will help future applicants too.

FYI I applied in ICA not MOM

Before me and my husband got married, We applied for PMLA (Pre-marriage long term pass assessment). It is valid for 1 year once it's approved. This assessment is to help you find out whether you are eligible to apply for LTVP. This PMLA helps you to shorten the waiting time period of application

WITH PMLA the waiting time of application is 2 to 6 weeks

WITHOUT PMLA waiting time will be 2 to 6 months.

After we got married, My husband(Sponsor) Applied for LTVP(August 7). ICA require us to require us to give the following documents:

  1. Letter of employment stating the date of commencement, designation and monthly salary. (IF WORKING IN SG)
  2. Payslip for the past 6 months
  3. Marriage Certificate
  4. Work pass (If not working, Disembarkation card)
  5. IC of your Husband or Wife.
  6. Payment for application 30 SGD

After 1 month we received email from ICA that we need to sign a declaration form(Downloadable form) that ICA will assess our Income tax and my husband's CPF contribution.

After submission the next day we received email again that my application is already approved in principle and need to go medical check up and sign the LTVP terms and conditions form(Downloadable form)

Sept 10: I submitted my medical results and LTVP T&C. Immigration informed that they need to verify the following documents and waiting time will be 2 to 3 weeks.

Today Sept 24. My application is successful

Need to pay 30$ for visa fee and 60$ for issueance fee.

After payment they going to email you the approval letter and can book your appointment to go ICA building for completion of formalities and issueance of pass.


if you plan to work in SG or continue to work in SG, during the application they gooing to ask you if you wish to apply for PLOC (Pre-approved letter of consent) Will only know the outcome when we complete our formalities in ICA Buillding

There"s no separate application for LTVP and LTVP+ . ICA will give you LTVP+ if you are eligible.

That would be all. Again, Thank you so much and hope this can help you,.

Thank you so much nayeshaf !It is very much appreciated.

I am sure it will help lots of members.

All the very best in your future endeavours.


Hi All,

I got my EP approved but i want to bring my mother to Singapore and looking to apply for LTVP. Can someone guide me how to apply for LTVP and how much cost , timelines. Appreciate your kind support.

Thank you!

@ShBhardwaj You can bring your parents as dependants to Singapore if you fulfill the requirements - especially the minimum salary of S$12000/month. You can apply for the LTVP at MoM - your employer should be able to help you.

@beppi Thank you for the response. My employer wants me to apply for a LTVP pass by myself. May i know what is the process, if i login to MOM to apply for LTVP, it asks for singpass ID. May i know how to get this ID and what is the process around this?

@ShBhardwaj Sorry, only your employer (or their agent) can apply, see … for-a-pass

The Singpass is Singapore's universal digital ID. Read about it at

@beppi I would need to bring my mother there. Is there any other way i can bring her there on long term? or is LTVP the only way.

@ShBhardwaj The only alterative is her getting a residence visa on her own merit (e.g. for work, studies, marrying a local, etc.).

I recommend you convince the employer to apply for the LTVP. If they are really unwilling to do this small favour for you (which costs them nothing more than a bit of time), then you should re-consider if this is really the right company for you!

Hello everyone,

Any of you got experience is wrongly submit documents for applying ltvp ?

I'm on applying ltvp since 30 may 2022 , until now haven't approve yet. Because I'm wrongly submit my declaration.

How long ICa can take time for  approve my LTVP Any information?

Thank you ...

@Yuli Susnti LTVP processing is usually fast, at most a few weeks. An error in the document submissions should be corrected quickly and then does not cause any further delay.

You (or the employer who applied) should contact MoM and ask what is holding it up!

Ty for replayed @beppi ...

Why I need to contact MOM and not ICA for my LTVP application?

Btw, I'm married with Singaporean.

@Yuli Susnti May I know if you applied for PMLA? It will take 6 months if you never apply.

I wrongly submitted my LTVP T&C and There's a typo error in my medical results. I just emailed them at [email protected] .

After you email, you going to receive an acknowlegdement from them.

For every technical issues you just need to email them and 1 to 2 weeks time for verification.

Hello nayeshaf,

Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us here. 1f609.svg

I am sure this is going to be very useful to some people.


Cheryl team

Hello nayeshaf...

Thank you for reply

I apply PMLA after my marriage.

I have some problem from my declaration, it's wrong to fill up.

So , I should be wait for 4 months to get my LTVP .

I think ICA take more time for approve,  because I'm worngly to give my documents.

Btw, I'm got  my LTVP already.

Thanks for your information... 🙏

Why I need to contact MOM and not ICA for my LTVP application?
Btw, I'm married with Singaporean.
-@Yuli Susnti

Sorry, you are of course right: LTVP as spouse of Singapore citizen is given by ICA, not MoM!

My mistake. You should contact ICA then!

Hi, I am a SC with a foreign spouse. We are living overseas and planning to move back to SG next year (through internal transfer with my company). To apply for a LTVP+ for my spouse, do we need to be physically present in SG while the application is processed? I'm aware we need to be in SG at the time the application is lodged because they ask for your disembarkation card number but can we then return overseas while the application is processed? Thanks!

@Jellybean_76 As far as I know, you can apply for an LTVP at your nearest Singapore embassy. Contact them and ask!

Note: You cannot apply for LTVP+ - it is granted by ICA based on merits, if and when appropriate (typically after living here for a year).

@beppi Thanks, I check with the embassy!