LTVP rejected for no reasons / jan 23

10 years in sg

EP then PR since 2020

whole family PR: me, wife, boy toddler

second baby boy on the way (due date feb 2023)

high income earner for me and my wife (combined ~400 K) / always paid our taxes / zero legal issues here whatsoever / property (condo) owners...

my parents were on LTVP pre covid, when I was on EP, sponsored by my employer (still w/ same employer since came to SG)...

now post covid I sponsor the application naturally as i am a PR... but got rejected w/ no reason provided...

back in 2021 I also had my application for domestic helper rejected...

so here we are, soon with 2 young kids, no support system whatsover... and gov agencies reject our applications for LTVP for my parents / or for a maid... why in your opinoon ? totally in the dark / puzzled / confused and concerned on how we are to be able to stay any longer in singapore this way

I assume your parents were with you on a DP (issued by MoM) previously.

Now you are applying for an LTVP, issued by ICA.

That is the main difference I see: They may have different (unpublished) criteria.

I would try to contact the processing officer to find out why it was rejected.

But one thing to add: Many parents worldwide (including me) manage to have two kids with no maid or grandparents around. Your claim to have "no support system whatsover" and being unable "to stay any longer in singapore this way" is baseless and will not change ICA's perception. (If need be, you could for example employ a local, part-time helper!)