My Pre-Marriage LTVP got rejected

Hi I am a Singaporean women who is going to get married to my fiance who is from Morroco, I know him for over 8 months now and we planning to get married this year December but our PMLTVP got rejected. What should I do? Is there any other way I can make our marriage happen and he gets a job here? Please share with me some of your successful stories. Thanks

There is no pre-marriage LTVP!

In case you meant the PMLA (Pre-Marriage LTVP Assessment): This is just a check whether he could get an LTVP after you marry. Apparently, in yourcase, the answer is No.

Please also note that, with an LTVP, he will not be allowed to work - so it will only be given if you have the financial means to feed both of you.

Once here with LTVP, he could apply for an LoC (Letter of Consent) to work, but these are not easy to get.

What I would advise:

  • Marry him while he is on a visitor visa (he would have to return home afterwards), or marry in another country (Las Vegas or Denmark are supposedly easy).
  • Find him a job and apply for his own work pass.
  • Or move with him to his or another country.

@beppi ok so after married he has to go back to his country right? So what do I have to do If I want him to stay here in SG? Other than getting him a job? What else? Apply PR? Is that even possible?

PR is not a realistic option before he has completed three years living and working in Singapore.

Unless you earn enough to feed both of you (which probably means around S$5000/month), finding hima job is the only option - and without university degree this is unlikely.