Application status pending and invalid

Hello everyone I havent read any thread regarding aforementioned subject. Few weeks ago my IPA was rejected, Then I checked status again today. Now I have 1 pending and 1 invalid. Do you guys encounter the same issue as mine?

Looks like your employer appealed. Did they not tell you about it?

(And: Not your IPA - “In Principle Approval” - was rejected, but your work pass!)

Sir, good night.  Sir, I have passed Singapore BCA exam in November 2022 from Bangladesh with new skills.  Now after my agent applied for my IP, invalid IP is showing.  Sir, I don't know why or why this invalid IP is showing.  Sir, how can I solve this problem.  thank you sir.

@Anik Mahmud What is this "BCA exam" you are mentioning - and what do you mean by "IP"?

BCA-Building construction authority,IP That means IPA-In Principle Approval

@Anik Mahmud An IPA cannot be applied for, so I assume your employer (or their agent) applied for a work pass. If the application is shown as "invalid" in the EPOnline system, that means it was rejected.

@beppi if pending ? what ‘s that mean?

@jaimiealarcon "Pending" of course means pending. Or what did you expect?

@beppi  last January 29 I checked my spass status is invalid then last February 5 up until now whenever I checked it says pending , how many weeks that it takes ?

Hello everyone I havent read any thread regarding aforementioned subject. Few weeks ago my IPA was rejected, Then I checked status again today. Now I have 1 pending and 1 invalid. Do you guys encounter the same issue as mine?

@sheikhalamin01575732158 Not your IPA, but the work pass was rejected.

The system always shows an ongoing application (if any) AND the last completed one (approved or rejected).

I would like to ask if someone experienced like mine , last January 2023 my employer applied our pass then January 29 2023 upon checking it says invalid then February 5 2023 upon checking again it says Pending , then yesterday it goes to invalid then after a few hours it is Pending again , any one experience it ? why it happen ? Thank u

@jaimiealarcon This is either an error at MoM, or your employer appealed. Ask them!

Hello, I hope you can answer my question.

My pass is showing Pending on 03 Mar 2023 and Invalid on 07 Mar 2023.

When I asked the company side, they told me that I have to wait 2 weeks to return the salary because my salary is low, and until today, I am still disabled at MOM.

Is that not provided by the company? Or I want to know if MOM is an error.


@Poe Ei "Invalid" means your work pass application has been rejected.

Unless the company appeals against it, there i nothing you can do. Jus look for another job!

hello i want to know someone company ipa approved 06/12/22 then ipa expire 05/02/2023 then 1 month ipa expire 05/04/2023

now show


Your In-Principle Approval (IPA) to work in Singapore has been cancelled. Please talk to your employer or agent.

company say apply again

actually  i want to know other company can approved ipa letter ?

@Md Sabuz It is not clear from your post what you actually want to know.

An expired IPA cannot be used - and the underlying work pass is then also lost.

The same or another employer can apply for a new work pass (but not IPA).

@beppi Hi Sir My IPA I Approved But Who Apply I Don't Know Now I Need To Know Who Apply & I Need IPA Can Help Me Sir Pls???

@hridoynayem02 The work pass was applied for by your employer - an IPA is issued as part of the process.

If you had no employment contract and did not agree to work for the employer, they could not have applied for a work pass.

If some company aplied without your knowledge, it might have been an error. But how do you know about it then (as MoM only informs the employer)?

@beppi Another think i want to know

if another employ apply new work pass for me and approved then it change (Invalid ) to valid ?

@Md Sabuz Any application will be initially shown as "pending" and then as "approved" or "invalid"

My Employer applied my application on 31/03/2023 which showing invalid in the MOM Website.

When i found out that it got rejected and informed my employer, they re-applied on 28/04/2023 instead of appealing for the rejected application since they have two different company with the same owner. now my Question is since they have re-applied why MOM Website still showing Invalid? with only one record found.

but i have the payment details of the new application, number. why its not showing up the mom website?

@Sazzad_Joy The employer should contact MoM to find out what the status is!

@beppi i was wondering regarding the new application they applied on 28/04/22 Friday night 10:31 Pm is it taking some time to be updated on the Mom Database? Could it be possible since its only Sunday?

@Sazzad_Joy Of course it takes some time until they have reviewed your application and entered it into the system. If it is still not shown a week or so after submission, your employer can contact MoM.

@beppi my employer contacted me saying Mom sent them email quoting they have trouble doing facial recognition on passport photo asked me to send them another copy of my passport which i did. Is this an issue to be worried?  One more question is my application isnt shown at MoM website even though its been two weeks since they submitted


The delay is most likely due to the picture issue. Once you send them a scanable one, they can enter it into their system and the application process will start.

@beppi hi beppi my application is now visible at the website with pending status and today marks the end of 3rd week. i would like to know does MOM count 3 weeks including Saturdays, Sundays and public holiday or only the working days.

@Sazzad_Joy MoM does not count the time at all - they take as long as they like!

But processing of your aplication has certainly only started after all needed documents (incl. the photo) were submitted.

Hi @beppi and all,

I know that it is not possible to have more than two work pass application at the same time. But is there any buffer time between one submission to another? In my case my application with employer A has been rejected, can employer B straightly apply for my work pass?

Thank You.

Hi @Glaurentw,

Are you saying that your appeal submission with company A was rejected by MoM? If yes, then how long did Mom take time to reject ur appeal from submission?

There is no buffer time to submit another fresh application as long as there is no any pending process for your current or appeal work pass.

@GLaurentW Yes, as far as I know a new application can be submitted as soon as the old one is rejected/withdrawn/cancelled or approved.

@beppi thanks for the update. However since the process has started how long it might take now

@Sazzad_Joy It can take anywhere between a week and several months. Read related threads about what could influence the duration MoM needs!

@Poe Ei Did your invalid status change to pending after your employer submitted the appeal ? Thanks.

@beppi It's been 35 days since the date of application which is still pending its making me nervous, no additional documents have been asked by mom nor my employer. What could be the possible reason for delay can u help me with any idea sir? 

@Sazzad_Joy Reasons for a delay? Well, maybe the processing officer has too much to do (or is lazy). Or they are doing some background checks. Or simply the waitlist of cases to be processed is long. Nobody knows and, honestly, it also does not matter - as all you can do is wait (or cancel the application altogether).

@beppi  i understand what u r sayin i should be patient. But is there any instances where people getting their passes approved after a long wait like me?

@Sazzad_Joy hi bro, i have been waiting for 56 days (approx. 8 weeks) and still pending now.

My employer said in some cases, waiting for a long time its likely to be approved by the Govt (although no guarantee on this statement). Rejection usually occurs in a short time. The most important thing at this stage is your employer is willing to wait.

Keep it up and good luck for us!

@yafidresta dude u just have me some hope i have been really down lately due to this issue