Vietnamese can work in singapore with work permit?

Hi everyone,
I'm a vietnamese and now living in HCM city, im looking for job in sg now. Im a fresh graduate that's why i try to looking for a normal job with salary <$1800.
But when finding information i got read that Vietnamese workers can work in Singapore with an S Pass or an E Pass. The Singapore government does not grant a Work Permit for Vietnamese workers, and vietnamese cannot work at any service industry cuz MOM has specified that service industry can only get foreign workers from approved-source-country and Vietnam is NOT included. Is it all these true?  Because i still see some vietnamese work as dancer in club or service crew in normal restaurants, and they tell me they work with work permit not S pass or E pass ?!
and my bf is a singaporean, he is  only 22 yrs and he still military service now. Then can we apply for marriage and LTVP now when he still haven't work yet?  pls help for informations. thanks guys.

i think you should marry your bf singaporean as he can apply LTVP for you under marriage , after that you can easy find job in singapore . If you apply spass or epass so i am not sure MOM will approve your documents or not because many foreigners also applied but MOM rejected it . Some people work at bar,club as dancer position but their card only 6 months,its special card for them , there one is legal

Hi Jenny, thank you so much for your reply, do you know more abt  marriage one ? cuz i got read abt LTVP, got one part is need show and prove  " Local sponsor's Letter of Employment stating Date of Commencement, Designation and Salary per month (for self-employed: sponsor's valid Registration Certificate from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and Company's Profit & Loss Statement for the last 12 months)
Local sponsor's Income Tax Notice of Assessment for the last 3 years and CPF Statement showing monthly CPF contribution for the last 12 months. Alternatively, the sponsor may choose to complete Appendix VP to give consent for ICA to obtain and verify financial information provided in respect of this application with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and Central Provident Fund Board (CPF) directly instead"
But my bf still military service now, and nv work before, Is it possible for marriage and apply LTVP?


Below link from ICA will give a brief idea what r the documents you and your Singaporean bf require before marriage and how to apply LTVP and its eligibility criteria.

And to get a work under LTVP, you must have a LOC approved from MoM, below is the link for more details:

http://www.singaporecompanyincorporatio … o-benefit/

Hope this helps. But looking at your case, not sure how your bf will justify to ICA about his financial support to you after marriage as he is not working and a 22 years old guy.

Anyway, wishing you both all the best n a happy married life in future.

thank you so much for your information.  :)

I would recommend you to look for professional help, like contact a recruitment agency aka  job agency in Singapore. They will be able to provide you with more help. There are some agency who specialise in helping foreign worker to find a job in Singapore.***

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Be careful when dealing with agencies, as there are many bad apples in the market!
The one linked above offers a "ZERO Agency fee package" on their website, which would be in line with the regulations (due to which it is not allowed to charge the job seeker - all fees must be borne by the employer), so it might be o.k. But many others aren't (especially if they ask you for illegal fees).

Ask your BF to be a regular in the Army, then it would be very easy to get PR status for you.

I have vietnamese workmates, I work in hotel before. they are all under spass

I am looking for Customer Service Assistant. Do you know anyone from Vietnam who is holding dependant pass or Long term visit pass looking for job in Singapore? Able to speak and Write English and computer knowledge.

Might I know if your offer job still available?
Contact me at ***

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May I ask if you still looking for a Vietnamese employee? I am a fresh poly graduate and I am currently looking for a full time job to serve my bond. Please contact me if you are still looking for a Vietnamese employee and your company still have quota for S pass. My contact is: ***

Thank you

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