Refused Entry and how can i appeal.

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My country is visa free with Singapore and i have been in Singapore twice my third time i was refused entry, without any reasons though asked but he kept saying he won't tell me. In my point of view the immigration was very racist,

How can i appeal to re-enter Singapore

What was the reason of visiting Singapore so often? You should understand to visit Singapore more than one time in a gap of few days or weeks or few months, you must have a proper reason, return ticket and accommodation details in Singapore. You just can’t visit this country because your country is a member of ASEAN or any country with whom Singapore has free visa system.

If you failed to provide detailed information on your third visit, then immigration officer has every rights to deny your entry. Good luck

You should contact ICA, explain the situation, ask for the reason you were denied entry and how long you will be banned. Then give them a good explanation why you need to visit Singapore again sooner, and ask what you can do to get the ban lifted. Then follow what they say.

Hi! How can I reach ICA? I had a traumatic experience when I was in Singapore way back 2009, I was detained for a night together with other girls because I got caught working in a tourist visa. It was a nightmare. I was told that my boss is trying to apply for a visa while I started working for him. But then, I was still detained.  Was able to go back to Philippines after 2 days.
Now, I have kids and family of my own and we’ve been wanting to visit Singapore just for 3 days for but I’m afraid to enter SG with my family in fear of getting denied to enter. My passport back then was stamped with A. What does it mean? Kindly help me how to reach ICA so I can e-mail them my letter of intent to re enter Singapore with my kids. Thank you and God bless.

Working without permit is a very serious offense and you were likely to be banned for many years, if not forever.
You are right to contact ICA and enquire before going. Do NOT try without!
The contact details are on ICA’s webpage.

Here you go:

Send to their appropriate email address. Good luck

Thank you so much, will definitely do it. Do you have idea what A on passport meant? It was way 2009 when that happened. Will I be allowed to enter again? Crossing my fingers.

You should ask ICA for all the clarification including confirmation about whether you can travel Singapore or not. Good luck

Just today i m refused to enter singapore. Cause could not produce return ticket to India. Now they advised me to apeal online. I m not able tk find where exectly i should proceed to start wirh.

You need to contact ICA (
And in future always bring a return ticket and proof of booked accommodation.

Hi Surya,

I have also the same case. I was refused to enter Sg last feb 2018 because of my frequent visits in the country year 2017. I have a sister working there and you know i have no plans of working in the country illegally. During my visit i'm trying my luck to look for a job but unfortunately i wasn't able to get one. Two months later i was refused ,we tried to make an appeal to ICA but it was rejected may be because it was too early for me to enter again. I respected their decision and know it's been a year already and i want to go back to singapore, i choose singapore because  i have relatives there. I want to go back in SG, but i am afraid to make an appeal again... please give me advice.

Most probably this will not have an influence on your student pass application (but you cannot be sure).
It was naive to think you can (ab-)use a visit visa to extend a residency visa that you do not even have yet.
If I were you, I‘d just wait for the student visa approval now.

Sweet8: Contacting ICA is the only way to find out beforehand whether you will be allowed to visit. Why don‘t you want to do that?

Beppi: thank you for your response. it is not that i dont want to try  to appeal again.  It just that  we cannot find any possible reason to clearly state the purpose of my visit again for the ICA to consider.  You think visiting my sister and her family plus just to a have a vacation is enough reason? Please advice. Thank you

Write the same to ICA and wait for their response. If they said yes then bring the email confirmation with you. If they said no, then avoid coming here. Good luck

Note: Bear in mind, even after carrying the letter confirmation, the immigration officer still has the rights to deny your entry. Though chances are slim but possibility is there.

Hi everyone !
I have a concern if any one could help me with this will be appreciated!
I was refused entry in feb2019 due to my return ticket issue ..
now recently I got a job and my spass approved even  I got IPA later after few days when my employer went to buy bonds .. it’s found my ipa revoked ..
Wen I contacted mom they replied they will reconsider and if me or my local sponsor mail to ica for my entry and If it’s successful then that letter which I get frm ica shud Submit to mom ..
But now my concern Wen I mail ica they sent dame reply to apply from local sponsor with form 39i or something .. But I don’t hav anyone to apply fr me and my employer Said they can’t apply ,.Still they vl reapply to mom once I get my entry letter ..

Anyone please help me how I could sort this. !!

The secoind reply you got is a standard text that they send to all such enquirers. It doesn't consider your specific situation.
Thius I would follow the instructions given in the first reply: First get ICA clearance, then send that to MoM for their reconsideration.
Good luck!

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