Refused Entry and how can i appeal.

Better don’t apply for visit visa , coz u hav changed your passport number you may   get approval for visa.. once u get approval if u go again while scanning ur finger print get to know then refuse entry again will
Also impact ur anyother chances ..
important thing even if u mention yes In have u ever travelled in anyother passport etc kind question ., den again vl get rejected u hav to wait fr 6 months to apply ..
better u apply visit pass through local sponsor or wait minimum 1 year to proceed again ..
And most importantly don’t send mails to ICA without following wat they said in Mail .,it will definitely impact  on ur any process in sg !

Visit visa and visit pass is different?

Maruthuuk: It is as Micmichael wrote above - you need to clear the issue you have with ICA first (by applying for a visit pass through a local sponsor) before you have any chance to get a work pass.
I suggest you follow their advice to look for a local sponsor first - and start applying for jobs only after that was successful. Since, as ICA wrote, there is no guarantee that you get that visit pass - and even if so, it is unclear that you can actually find a job and get a work pass for it, I recommend you keep your options open and also apply in other countries to maximize your chances!

Furthermore, please spell my name correctly in future and do not append every name with “bro”. (Asfar as I know, I am not your brother!)

"I am a tourist honest." Slightly later "I am here to work"

Oh come on. Sinpaore immigration did the right thing, they are not fools! I have no sympathy for fools that try it on.

Iam really sorry and thanks for your suggestions

Hi Nemodot I know you indirectly saying to me I  went for job but I went for visit only  in march now I have a plan to go work.
Some times visitors are genuine ,even I was geniune visitor ,not all the time you are right

To be very honest ! Better drop plans to go sg for atleast 1 year and focus on ur work once get  experience  try all these !
For  refused entry u must wait 6 months to 1 year (for 1st time refused entry as ineligible to issue visit pass )  within this span of time u want to enter u must apply for appeal from ur local sponsor with refused reason and that shud convince ICA oly then u will get approval letter. After 1 year also ull hav these issues while getting visa again chances are high to refuse entry but also they might allow if ur staying less time with genuine reason .

Have you got ur result from ICA?

Coming march 12 is complete my one year refused entry from singapore.after march 12 can I apply normally for visit visa or do I have to apply through local sponsor (what they said in mail)in ICA building directly?and why iam applying for visit pass,because  ICA mail me,before u apply for work visa, u have to apply for visit visa through your local sponsor in ICA building ,if visit visa approved u can apply for a work visa through ur future employer.

Maruthuuk: Please ask ICA directly what is needed, as nobody here knows the details of your case!

Why you got refuse to enter here? It depends on what went wrong, the ban can exist a year to few years, only ICA can clarify whether you are allowed to visit here again or not.

Work pass is a different subject and it’s approval process is different. You can read our existing threads to understand better.

Lastly, your work pass won’t give you guarantee to enter Singapore, in past people with IPA were denied entry because they were banned for serious offences. So, first clarify your query with ICA.

Ok thank you

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