S pass downgrade to workpermit

Hi all!

I've been here in singapore for almost 8 years working as a clinic assistant in a gp clinic holding an s pass and unfortunately as i was about to go supposedly on my vacation for I haven't been home for 3 years because of pandemic my employer just suddenly told me that she can't hire me anymore and would terminate my pass ( no termination notice given ) felt really helpless, because she told me exactly on the day that i was supposed to leave. So i went back home in despair and in the end she ask my colleague to tell me to just file a resignation letter for she cannot find any reason against me on why she need to terminate my pass. So i filed, and faster come back in singapore to look for a job, fortunately i found one but can only apply for workpermit. I just want to ask for any one here who's an s pass holder before and manage your convert to work permit without exiting in singapore? Bec i was told that they cannot apply for me because i'm here in singapore

I hope someone can help me.
So your employer wanted to fire you, but since they could not find a legitimate reason to do so, they asked you to resign instead? It does not seem to be a smart move to follow such a request and resign yourself.

A Work Pass (WP) has very different requirements and rules than an S-Pass:
For one, the employer is responsible to bring you to Singapore and back home when the employment ends. For that reason, I can imagine (but don't know for sure) that WP can only be applied for candidates outside the country. Ask MoM or the employer! (You could of course return to your country to wait for the outcome of your WP application.)
Another rule of WP is that you have no choice of where to stay - the employer must provide housing (often in large dormitories somewhere in the outskirts). Also many other freedoms are curtailed when you have a WP.
A third issue to keep in mind is that, once you held a WP (at any point in your life), you cannot marry a Singaporean (and PR, I think) without seeking permission from MoM first.
Altogether, I don't think this is appropriate for a clinical assistant. You may want to look for a better job instead!
I know it's not a smart move, i was caught off guard, and desperate. The position that was offered to me was a healthcare assistant in a hospital but they can only apply work permit for the said position  and I'm still looking for other job though.

Thanks for your reply

Hi all,

I currently working on s pass (2.9k) unfortunately not getting renewal with current employer and finding another job also difficult now.

I find one employer they offering work permit (2.5k)

Is it possible I can move with that without going back to home country


@Deepan Chakkaravarthi Formally, this should be possible.

But whether MoM will give you a WP is of course an open question.

And whether you would be happy with the conditions of WP is another - are you aware that you would have to live in a company-provided dormitory and face other restrictions?

@beppi thanks

Yes , but I don't want to go back India now,

As long as employed I am happy