EP Approval with COMPASS

Hello everyone,

I've found this forum very helpful.

Has anyone who applied for an EP after the COMPASS rule on 1st September 2023 already received approval?

A little background of my EP:

  • I've been working in Singapore for 1.5 years under an EP
  • My first EP last year was approved within 12 working days.
  • I received a new offer in October 2023 from another company and they applied a new EP for me on 5th October 2023.
  • The latest update from MoM is that they need further vetting checks and will require inputs from other agencies.
  • It's been 8th week since the application was submitted and still pending.

I know that there's a long thread pinned about EP in the Singapore forum,

but I want to know if anyone has a similar situation to mine?

Thanks in advance!

Do you require SOL points for Compass EP?

I'm working in Singapore more than 6+ Years. One of the Company offering Permanent Role

Applied EP on Oct 28th

After follow up with MOM Requested additional Documents from company at 4th week.

Company Submitted all the requested documents . the ETA was 1-3 weeks as notified and its been more than 1 week already.

@zzyyss I have the SOL points in my EP application, I don't know whether it's required or no.

Do you got any updates for your EP?


Yes my application was rejected a few weeks ago after 7-week pending because the MOM officer thought my background does not qualify SOL requirement. An appeal has been submitted and I am still waiting for the result.

If you really require SOL points for EP application, you have to check with HR that you provide all documents required for SOL assessment (please check additional requirement on MOM SOL website carefully).

    When they say 'need further vetting checks' what could this mean?

It means that they need to engage external agencies (usually in your home country or othe places you lived/worked/studied before) to verify your credentials. How long this takes largely depends on how fast these agencies - and the organisations they contact (e.g. authorities, schools, ex-employers) take to respond.


After Sept 1, seems MOM will ask some government agencies to review if candidates require SOL points for Compass EP?

Because SOL requirements are ruled by these agencies.

@zzyyss did you appeal without including the SOL points now?

Hi it's been two weeks since employer applied my EP. Is the compass EP application typically processed in 2 weeks or is this timeline considered  too soon ?

@Meaaat 8 weeks or longer is not uncommon. Be patient!

Hi I have a quick question about the COMPASS system: I have two MOM recognised degrees (undergraduate from top 20 US university and law degree from SMU). Am I allowed to get points for both? Is there a maximum number of points I can earn in the "Qualifications" category?

How many months  they give ep ( 12 or 24) after compass. Please assist. Thanks