PR Application 2024

Good Afternoon,

I'm an Indonesian Chinese (F) currently holding an EPass in Singapore.

I have lived in Singapore for 3 years.

I haven't do any volunteer yet except for blood donation at blood bank (I'm not sure if that is included as contributing to society in Singapore).

My Educational background is Diploma (Singapore)

I am considering to apply PR in Singapore, however unsure due to mix input from my surroundings.

May I know from my data above what are the chances of PR approval rate? And maybe any other Indonesians applied before that have similar backgrounds?

Thank You

From the limited information you gave above, it is difficult to tell.

I assume you studied here and then started work. To maximize your chances, you should apply after completing three years of work here!

Hello @beppi , yes I studied here previously before. Thank you for your reply. Read a few other topic about PR Application i guess best to apply after after working here for a few years before applying.