Refused entry

How will I ask ICA about it?What are the things that i have to tell them?

You can call or send an email (contact details are on their website).
Tell your particulars (name, nationality, passport number or FIN is you have one), describe the situation in a few sentences and ask for advice.

This is my email to ICA:

Good Day!

Appreciate your response on my query.

I am currently holding a Job Offer from a reputable financial company registered in Singapore.

Since you have mentioned to me in this email that I am prohibited to enter to Singapore , what are the things that we can do to lift the prohibition and to successfully process my application?

Looking forward on your response.

Kind regards,
Leslie May Manuel

ICA Response:

Dear Madam,

Reference to your email dated 31/07/2018.

You have to submit an application for Visit Pass through a local sponsor whereby also please note that all applications will be assessed holistically and are subject to approval.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mdm Thenmolli

Visit Pass Unit/Visitor Services Centre

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority

My employer's response:

Hi Leslie,

Not to worry. Once the EP is approved, you will be able to enter into Singapore.

Your employer is right: Once your work pass is approved (and you hold an IPA), you can enter. I think I wrote that already in one of my earlier replies.

Dear Madam,

Reference to your email dated 31/07/2018.

Even though your EP is approved by MOM, you still have to submit for a Visit Pass application with ICA to enter Singapore.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mdm Thenmolli

Visit Pass Unit/Visitor Services Centre

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority

Wow, this means you have a strong ban that MoM cannot override (by issuing an IPA, which usually is an entry visa)!
Follow whatever they advice and count yourself VERY lucky if in the end you are allowed to work in Singapore!!!
(At the same time, start making a plan B, as this might not work out!)

Hi guys, back in 2009 I used to work in Singapore. I was an EPass holder, but for
Personal reasons I decided to go back to my country. I tendered my resignation letter for
My employer but they wanted me to served 30 days notice. I did not abide by this and decided to go home a few days after I tendered my resignation letter. After that, my former boss kept on emailing me telling me
That I will be blocklisted in entering SIngapore again since I did not
Cancel my Epass properly. After almost 10
Years, I wanted to go back again to Singapore for a vacation with my family for a few days. Should I be concern? Thanks in advance.

If you read the forum, we have told many times that before visiting here, you may reach out ICA to see if you and your family can visit Singapore on a vacation. Let's see what they respond. By right, 10yrs is too long and by this time if the employer had filed any written complain to MoM, case might have closed. Good luck

Note: No matter where you work, don't repeat this mistake. The employer has every rights to file a legal complain and drag you unnecessarily.

Thanks for your reply,  I told them the real reason why I had to leave.. a family member at that the was very sick and they still want me to serve my notice period of 30 days! And thing is i was only working for that company for over a month.. I don't understand why they insist on serving the 30 days notice when processes were not completely transferred to
Me. Can they file a case on that?

Regardless of all the reasons you mentioned, you signed a legally binding contract to work there and to serve a 30 days notice period if you want to leave. You broke that contract. Therefore the employer is in his full legal (if not moral) right to report you.
Since 10 years have passed since, you will most likely not have any issues now, but you must contact ICA (or MoM) and ask about it before you come!

Hi guys,

I am Malaysian and I got entry denied from Singapore customs on the 31st July 2018 due to overstay in Singapore for 10+ days. I was brought back to Malaysia custom and told to only return to Singapore on mid Aug 2018. I am currently waiting for my Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) to get approve.

Can I know whether can I return back to Singapore next Monday as it is a new month and stayed in my country for more than 5days. I am scared that I am being deny access again. My relative is having serious illness in Singapore and I am planning to go in together with my grandma and mum next week to try my luck.

Will I get barred again for entering Singapore?:(

If they tell you to not come back before nid August, you better don't come back before mid August.
Even better still, don't come at all before your LTVP is approved.
Your grandma and mum will have to deal with your relative's serious illness on their own. Sorry!

Can someone give me an advise please.  I am currently on a social visit here in Singapore and will exit the country on Monday to Manila.  However, I am planning to go back here after 19 days and stay for another 14 days maybe before returning to my workplace in Oman.  Will there be any issues for me entering Singapore for the 2nd time?

Normally (although there is no guarantee, as usual in immigration matters) a second entry after more than a week abroad is no problem.
If they ask questions, be prepared to show your onwards flight ticket, accommodation booking and give a good reason why you visit Singapore that frequently.

Hi, I entered Singapore and was given a 10 days stay only. If my sister is holding work permit here can I ask her to help me to extend my stay at the ICA office? I'm a student in Singapore previously and I am waiting for my LTVP to get approve in principle, it has been 3 weeks since i applied and there is no news yet from the ICA.

I tried applying through E-extend and it was rejected, anyways I can extend my stay in Singapore? Please help:( thanks alot!!

Only one option left that you should visit ICA with your documents (can bring your sister), request them that your LTVP is pending, if they grant you 30 days extension (most likely they won't extend unless you have a valid reason to stay here, while your LTVP is pending).

If they didn't extend, then you have to leave Singapore and wait till your LTVP gets approved then come. Good luck

thank you Surya, ICA website stated only Singaporean and PR are eligible to apply extension for us, if my sister is holding a work permit will that be ok?

I didn't say she will sponsor you. I only said she can accompany with you. Even a PR or Singaporean presence won't give additional value here. ICA can see what's the reason you want to stay back here. If the reason is rationale e.g. for your exam or course or medical treatment etc then ICA consider or else chances are likely ICA will not extend visa and you have to go back (no matter who sponsors), then wait till your LTVP gets approved.

Hi everyone!

I was also rejected from entrance to Singapore about 2 or 3 months ago. I've got the visa and then I exited from Singapore to Malaysia for a week. On the way back I wasn't able to enter cause I didn't have a return ticket.

As I got it, I have to write an appeal letter to ICA for my next trip which I'm planning in October. The question is the appeal letter I should attach with my request for a new visa? Or I should email to a specific address first and only after that apply for my new visa?

And if it's possible how to know if my case is still open in ICA or not?

Thank you so much for your help in advance!
Best Regards,

Contact ICA to find out or send an appeal.
The contact details are on their webpage!

How come you were having trip to Singapore then to Malaysia but you didn't have return ticket? You paid price as you didn't follow the guidelines.

Now, to know whether your ban is still exist, you must write email with all the details (during that denial time), passport number etc, request to advise whether you can able to visit again in October or not. Tell them the purpose of your visit, and make sure you bring return ticket, accommodation details in Singapore with contact information. If they provided positive response then bring that printed copy along with you. Good luck

Below link has email addresses, select the appropriate email for your query:

Hi everyone.

I just faced a problem when entering Singapore yesterday. Here is the story:

I just graduated from degree study in a local academy (partnered with overseas university) in Singapore. I entered Singapore on Aug 31st 2018 to attend my convocation ceremony on Sep 1st. I also planned to look for a job in Singapore. I have sent my CVs, and resume since mid Aug. I had four interviews in the first week of September and one of the four companies accepted me. The company applied for my S Pass on Sep 12th. I also actually applied for my own Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) on Sep 5th. However, both my S Pass and LTVP applications status are still pending (for S Pass) and receiving attention (for LTVP) until today. So I decided to have a quick visit to Batam to at least extend my Social Visit Pass (30-day short-term visit pass) for another 30 days because I'm still waiting for my LTVP / S Pass got approved. I left for Batam in the morning and went back in the evening on the same day. I knew it was risky, but my friends said it supposed to be okay. When I arrived in Singapore and reached the immigration counter, I was asked a few questions why I wanted to stay in Singapore for another 30 days, while I'm already in Singapore since Aug 31st, plus I exited and entered Singapore on the same day. I was asked to go to the Immigration office. They scanned my thumb fingerprints and asked me to wait. After 15 minutes, I was called and asked a few questions. I told the officer that my first 30-day (Aug 31st - Sep 27th) was because of some school stuffs that need to be done. I was told by my brother, that I shouldn't say anything about “waiting for work permit/pass”, or “looking for a job in Singapore.” He said I supposed to say that my intention to visit Singapore was for holiday. So I was a little panicked and said about school stuff as the reason of my first 30-day stay in Singapore, which is not true. Then, I mentioned that I wanted to go traveling around Singapore and JB with my friends for the next 2-3 weeks, which is also not true. The officer said that my re-entry was considered illegal but the officer let me go this time. But if this happened again, I won't be able to enter Singapore anymore. The officer said I could actually apply for an extension of the social visit pass.

My questions and worries:
1. Will my LTVP and/or S Pass applications get rejected because of this incident?
2. Will my next trip exiting and entering Singapore again be a trouble? Like, will I be blacklisted?
3. How long does it take for the extension of social visit pass get approved? Should I apply for the extension now or should I wait for maybe 2 weeks from now, then apply for an extension of social visit pass? Just in case both my LTVP and S Pass application status are still receiving attention and pending.

I'm sorry if it's a little too long. But, thank you so much!

See my below reply:

My questions and worries:
1. Will my LTVP and/or S Pass applications get rejected because of this incident?
Ans: No impact as you are still allowed to enter.

2. Will my next trip exiting and entering Singapore again be a trouble? Like, will I be blacklisted?
Ans: Don't visit here till your pass gets approved. Immigration officer can see your history and he or she may deny next time unless you have a strong reason to visit.

Don't say to come here holiday or shopping etc, these are common excuses, officer can easily pickup your intention. If you are visiting a gap of a year or two then these things can be said.

Note: Always carry return ticket and accommodation details in Singapore.

3. How long does it take for the extension of social visit pass get approved? Should I apply for the extension now or should I wait for maybe 2 weeks from now, then apply for an extension of social visit pass? Just in case both my LTVP and S Pass application status are still receiving attention and pending.
Ans: Online someone can apply for extension, can take a day or two.

In your case, there will be no extension granted. You have already in 30 days extension (after entering Singapore on same day). Better leave Singapore and wait for your pass approval. Good luck


detteCee wrote:


There is no such site. You'd have to contact ICA to find out if you're banned.
Please do not post in ALL CAPITALS - on the Internet, this is seen as shouting and rude!

Hi, Im sorry if im using capital letters. Im here at work thats why. Thank you for the response.

Further to Beppi's response, you should also check if any such ban exist in ICA record then request them to advise on how to clear it.

Once you got a response that either there is no such ban exist or it had but now cleared. Bring that print out confirmation along with you when you visit Singapore. Good luck

Note: It's a basic requirement that each foreigner who visits here must have return ticket along with accommodation details and have sufficient money to stay here.

Thankyouuuu :)

Hello Guys!!!
Just got my IPA Approved. Is it enough for me to enter Singapore after being rejected last May 2018? Definitely I will be bringing a return ticket, Money and offer letter from the company? Do you think there will still be an issue upon entry? Thank you very much :)

With IPA letter and offer letter in hand, you shouldn't buy return ticket.

In case officers ask about your accommodation in Singapore, you need to tell them.

For safer purposes, you should drop a mail to ICA and ask if there is any pending issue against your passport, as you will be coming here with IPA letter to Singapore. Bring their confirmation response print copy along with you. Good luck

They are requiring me to have a Social Visit Pass sponsored by a Local even though I have my IPA on hand. This is weird. and the problem is I don't have family or close friend who is a local. My sister is only Spass holder. 😟 will this cause trouble once I entry singapore?

Did you mention that you have received a job offer and the employer have processed my work visa which MoM has approved recently?

If still they assist to obtain visit pass then ask your sister to write a letter inviting you to visit here. Then she can apply visit pass online (all SingPass account holder can apply visit visa online). Good luck

Thank you very much for your advice. Very helpful!!! We will do that and I will update you for the result 😊💪

Yes I told them that I was been approved. I even send to them my IPA thru email.

Sorry, I didn't realise in my earlier message that your sister holds S pass. She can't apply visit visa for you even if she has Singpass, she can do apply your visa extension only.

In this case, as you have mentioned that you don't have any sponsor (citizen or PR), then please check with any travel agency to apply visa for you (if your country passport requires visa prior to visit Singapore) and your sister can write a letter with her details and that letter you can give to the travel agency to attach with the visa application form for higher chance of visa approval. Good luck

Hi Surya, I came from Philippines and I don't think we are required to have a visa prior to entry in Singapore. That's why it is so weird for them to request for a Social Visit Pass knowing that I already got an IPA. Very strange. 😧😧😧😦😦😦

I have known filipinos who also experienced A to A or been prohibited to entry SG due to visa run but when they arrive again in SG with IPA they were not been required to have SVP or had any issues upon entering SG again...

For ASEAN countries, no prior visa approval is required to visit Singapore. So, I think you should bring your IPA, offer letter and accommodation details in Singapore (e.g. to stay with your sister, her HP number and home address).

Immigration officer may ask you to their office (Besides immigration checkpoint), then they may verify your documents and stamps on your entry. I heard this is the current process at Changi Airport similar to cases like yours. Good luck