Refused entry


I was in Singapore for 2 months from May to July 2022 with a valid extension of my STVP. Upon travelling back to Philippines on July 16, the Immigration Officer stopped me for an unknown reason and advised me to send an email to ICA prior to any plans of returning to Singapore.

In August, I emailed ICA as instructed inquiring if there will be additional requirement  prior to my plan to return to Singapore. No additional requirement was mentioned on the response and was told to refer to the usual travel requirement for Short Term Visitors.

On my return to SG  (Iast week of August) to visit my my friend, I was again stopped by the Immigration Officer asking for an Appeal Letter to Enter SG which I don't have. I even showed them the email I sent to ICA and their response. I was denied entry and was sent back to Manila the next day and was advised to secure the appeal letter.

I kept emailing ICA regarding the Appeal letter but its not yet clear as to how and where to secure that Appeal letter.

Any idea on this or is there any way I can come and visit SG again?

Thank you.

@minzzzy Most likely, your frequent and long stays here threw up a red flag of suspicion that you are (ab-)using the tourist visa to in fact live here, at least part of the time.

I think you better apply for an STVP (tourist visa) at your nearest Singapore embassy before your next attempt to enter Singapore. If that is rejected, refrain from any attempts to come to Singapore for at least 6 - 12 months.

@beppi Thank you for your reply! I'l try doing that and hopefully everything will be OK.

@surya2k hello sir I did my study in Singapore in 2022 after I came back india after few months again I go back Singapore as a tourist visa I stay there months no overstay but when I reach immigration point they take my fingerprint so now I apply for workpermit how I check my status I bain are not