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Woooo!!! I felt so relieved!!! 😌😌😌 Thank you very much surya for all your help! You're a Gem to everyone like us who are all experiencing issues and not so knowledgeable in travelling. 😊 You don't know us personnaly but you still opted to help all of us even on your busy schedules. Thank you again! 💞💞💞

Hello Surya and Beppi!!! I am already here in Singapore!!! LAH!!!!! I was able to entry without any issues. I just gave my passport, the embarkation and my IPA.  The ICA officer reviewed all my documents in their office. At first I was really nervous. all the trauma that I experienced flash back on my mind when they put me again inside their office. But after 10 minutes I was been released. I just cried. ALL WORTH IT♡♡♡ Thank you to both of you for all your advice . Continue to be a blessing to others!!! CHEERS!!!🍾🍻🎊🎉

Good to hear. Thanks for sharing your case. Cheers

It's one of comprehensive thread!

Appreciate Surya2k and Beppie for answering the questions. For those who have questios, you better read the thread carefully first.

Hi deema_dee did you send the email already to the ICA? If so can you pls tell me which email did you use? Thanks.

Ayubaldazzi wrote:

Hi deema_dee did you send the email already to the ICA? If so can you pls tell me which email did you use? Thanks.

Check the link below and find out which email is appropriate for your query. Good luck

Hi all ,
I encountered similar problem here , I was in business visa to Singapore on 15th feb 2019, since it's multiple entry visa I thought of once I go frm Singapore after my meeting I'll back later to meet my friends Der .. so I booked return tickets to last date of my visa expiry , Bt in ica they questioned me and I couldn't answer them as they Wer very rude so I was deported same day ,
Now I'm thinking of working in Singapore , so I approached through agency , as they promised to get IPA.
My question is whether I can be rejected by mom since I deported earlier ? Because  all rejection cases here are due to re entry to Singapore or by visa violation ..
please if any one could help it be very helpful to me

“Now I'm thinking of working in Singapore , so I approached through agency , as they promised to get IPA.” What is this?

How an agency promised you to get IPA? Beware, agencies are mostly cheaters and they don't obtain an IPA for you, it's the employer who will select the candidate based on experiences and skill sets for their requirements then initiate for applying work pass at MoM, subject to approval.

Now, post budget on 19 Feb, the things are more difficult for the employers as Govt will be cutting down foreign job quota to 5% in 2yrs.

So, go through proper channels and DO NOT pay any money to the agency as no one can promise you a job. If someone claims to give you an IPA, is a scam, even an employer can't give guarantee that your IPA will be approved at MoM. Good luck

Note: About your deportation, we have discussed several times here and advised that reach out ICA to know if you can able to travel. If they didn't ban then MoM won't have an issue.

Being deported is a very serious issue and will surely affect your work pass chances (as opposed to just being denied entry, which may be minor and a ban can often be lifted by contacting ICA).
I suggest you wait for a few years before you try to find a job here!

May be the way I conveyed is wrong . Agency vl find a job and they vl help me to apply fr spass and they informed once I get ipa den I can pay them . .. so I had doubt on them wil they do asap or simply make me roam around ., or shud I apply fr appeal directly !

And second part
They gave a common reply when I approached ica , that I shud appeal by local sponsor if I wish to com to Singapore in future ..
Now my real concern is since I deported in business vida even without entering into Singapore will it be a problem to me while getting ipa or aftr getting can ica deny entry ?

And even one my Philippians frnd she told like her brother also deported while entering into Singapore since he had 30days stay without valid reason .
Aftr he returned to Philippine within in a week he got job opportunity and he accept offer .. while they applied for him fr spass within 12days  he got approval .. and he entered  Singapore the very next month .,
So I'm confused like deport due to violation of law which leads to Ban ., and deport due to Ineligible like suspicious entry , insufficient fund etc are of different category ???

So were you deported, or denied entry? These are two very different issues!
In any case, your agent cannot apply for your work pass - only the company who wants to hire you can (and is not allowed to charge you for it). Thus you should not pay the agent!

As everyone's case i got sealed like ineligible to entry under current rules or something like , and in that paper they circle in pen ‘dep' so which means deport I guess ..
And agent is the person acts in between company and me., so I knw this person by my frnds as they r working  in Sg through this agent oly !
Since der case n mine is different I'm very confused here ., does my deport impact in my work permit ? Coz my appeal is fr entering as visitor and wp is different I com fr wrk .. both has different rules coz in visitor pass I can't wrk or try to get employed .. bt apply fr wp itself acts as appeal I hope !

"dep" could mean departure, too, or departed.
To my understanding (as a legal layman), deportation is the act of removing a foreigner from the country - which is only done if he/she seriously violated the law. "denied entry", however, means not letting him/her in at the border, which the immigration officer are empowered to do for any reason, including mere suspicion.
As we said earlier, you better contact ICA and ask about any ban due to the incident.
Your statement about the agent is confusing. But believe me: He surely has NO influence on your work pass application - all he can do is match you with a potential employer (and in the age of the Internet, you can easily do that yourself, so why pay for it?).

Okay ! May be I'm departed from Singapore ., wen I contacted ica through mail they sent a default message as someone pasted in forum like ‘ entering  Singapore is nt right or automatic .......... ..'
So I thought no use of mailing them again..
Because some company vl authorise 3rd person ( agent) to recruit and apply fr them ., so finding job  myself is quite difficult dat too frm my country , makes more complicated .. so if I approach through agent they make simple . So once I get ipa I can pay since my frnds gone through him , I can trust him ..

Yes, a company can engage an agent to help them with work pass applications, but then it is THEIR agent and they pay him (they are still not allowed to charge you for that!).
Of course you make your own decisions about whom you trust and give your money to. Good luck!


What is IPA??

Khevinash mohindee wrote:


What is IPA??

Just Google it, or read old threads. Thanks

surya2k wrote:

ICA refused as you didn't follow the rules, it says you need to stay out of 5 days from the departure date in order to consider the re-entry. So, next time go through the rules before facing such difficulties in future.

I don't think ICA would be blacklisted you for that nor it will prevent you to enter into Singapore in future.

Second part of your question (written to my personal mailbox), how difficult or easy to get a job in Singapore while you are on a tourist visa.

It's not easy to get a job during short time frame but again if you have good referrals then chances are high to get an interview call and if things go well & employer selected you then they will apply for S pass or employment pass (go through the MoM website for more details).

Please beware of scammers and don't give money for arranging interviews or job offer as it's illegal in Singapore. Good luck.

Do you have a link for this?

Read old threads, I have given more than 10 times already. I always suggest, spend time to read our threads.

I left Singapore 12 days ago after I finished my 30 days SVP. Today I receive a confirmation from an employer that my S-Pass is already approved. My brother told me to request a copy of IPA to avoid some issues in the airport once I re-enter in Singapore.

Is it true that once I have the copy of my IPA everything will be smooth on my re-entry? Are they going to ask some additional documents to support my IPA?

Your kind response will highly be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

We have responded these kind of questions many times. You should bring IPA letter along with employer's offer letter then mention your brother's residential address as your staying place in white embarkation card. That should be fine. If they ask anything, you should respond positively. Good luck

are u able to return to SG?

Hi, I'm currently here in Singapore as a tourist and my 30 days will end this coming March 4. My plan is to go to Thailand to exit and back to Singapore. Is 5 days in Thailand enough that the SG immigration will allow me to enter again?

You mean December 4? You can follow that route but there is no guarantee that immigration office will allow you to enter Singapore.

The reason is very simple that you are doing visa run here and Officer can see your history.

You should have a strong reason why you are trying to enter Singapore again, after stayed 30 days.

The appropriate way of getting a visa extension is by applying for it at ICA.
Visa runs are not welcomed by the Singapore authorities and, given that the average visitor stays only 3.5 days, you will face serious questions why you want to stay that long.

surya2k wrote:

You mean December 4? You can follow that route but there is no guarantee that immigration office will allow you to enter Singapore.

The reason is very simple that you are doing visa run here and Officer can see your history.

You should have a strong reason why you are trying to enter Singapore again, after stayed 30 days.

I'm now planning to go this Sunday that will be November 24. In this case I stayed in SG for 20 days.

You must have a strong reason if you visit again after a week GAP or so, no matter whether you stayed here for 20 days or 30 days. Immigration officer will ask same question what I'm telling you.

Beware of, if immigration officer denied your entry then you can't enter for several months. Avoid visa run.

I can only advice you again: Get a visa extension at ICA instead of doing a visa run!
ICA uses the same criteria as the border officials, but a rejected application for visa extension will not have future repercussions - whereas being denied entry at the border stays in your records forever and will cause at least close scrutiny, if not more problems, every time you want to enter Singapore in future.

Hi Leslie, just wanted to ask if how did you get an IPA and whats the requirements. Pls reply. Thanks in advance :)

Dettecee: Please read about the various work visa options available in Singapore. The requirements and process of applying for them have been discussed in all details on the forum and are also explained in the site's Singapore guides.

Thanks Beppi :)

@MitsAa01 hi.. were you ae to enter SG without making an appeal to ICA?

@silentbob_169 i have same problem too, 4years ago i been refuse to enter singapore,and now I live here in Australia I want to visit singapore again what i need to do?please if someone can help me thanks a lot🙏❤️

@gerliegujilde Contact ICA, do not travel unless they say it's o.k.!

Hello, I need some help please, I'm very worried and I came across this forum.

I was in SG to visit my girlfriend. I entered SG on 4th September and was granted 30 days, I extended my STVP and ICA granted additional 14 days, so my last day was 18 Oct. My gf and I decided to enter Malaysia for a short day trip and upon return I was stopped at the SG immigration and was given a paper that ticked the box prohibited to enter SG. They told me I was banned for 2 years but it was not indicated on the paper and it was taken by the Malaysia Immigration office when we went back. There was no official letter or stamp on my passport to indicate the ban/prohibited to enter. The ICA also told me to email ICA HQ to appeal for my entry to SG. I'm currently still in Malaysia and is troubled because I have plans to get married with my girlfriend but is prohibited to enter Singapore. i also had a pending work pass that is now showing invalid.

I heard from others that only my employment agent can help to solve this issue. any advice?

@jgsh In the eyes of ICA, trying to circumvent STVP expiry by border runs is one of the worst immigration violations possible.

You should do what the customs officials told you: Contact ICA and get their o.k. before you try to enter Singapore again. They will be able to tell you whether you are really banned and if there is anything you can do to lift the ban. Do not try to enter without their permission - it would make the situation worse!

It is not clear whether the rejection of your work pass has anything to do with this, but it might. Employment agents cannot do anything you can't do yourself (and mostly do less), so do not rely on them!

If you are really banned, you could marry in Malaysia or elsewhere and then apply for an LTVP based on the marriage. If that also fails, you have no other choice but to settle with her in another country.

Good luck! (You will need it!)

@beppi thank you so much for your reply.

however, we were not doing a border run and purely wanted to go on a day trip to malaysia before my birthday and ROM date which we have yet to choose because I was planning to propose once we get back to SG. we did have a reservation for an air ticket to Manila from Singapore but have no idea why was prohibited to enter.

I've also gotten some info from people around me. They suggested us to write to ICA to explain our situation and check with ICA if we went to get a date from ROM to register our marriage to get permission to enter SG for the registration. Do you think it would work? 

@jgsh Yes, you should do what the customs officials told you: Contact ICA and get their o.k. before you try to enter Singapore again.