Refused entry

Woooo!!! I felt so relieved!!! 😌😌😌 Thank you very much surya for all your help! You're a Gem to everyone like us who are all experiencing issues and not so knowledgeable in travelling. 😊 You don't know us personnaly but you still opted to help all of us even on your busy schedules. Thank you again! 💞💞💞

Hello Surya and Beppi!!! I am already here in Singapore!!! LAH!!!!! I was able to entry without any issues. I just gave my passport, the embarkation and my IPA.  The ICA officer reviewed all my documents in their office. At first I was really nervous. all the trauma that I experienced flash back on my mind when they put me again inside their office. But after 10 minutes I was been released. I just cried. ALL WORTH IT♡♡♡ Thank you to both of you for all your advice . Continue to be a blessing to others!!! CHEERS!!!🍾🍻🎊🎉

Good to hear. Thanks for sharing your case. Cheers

It's one of comprehensive thread!

Appreciate Surya2k and Beppie for answering the questions. For those who have questios, you better read the thread carefully first.

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