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Good day!

I wanted to share my case and also ask advices of what i should do.

I have been refused entry to singapore last september 2014 which is 4 years ago the reason is they found a text message in my phone regarding my search for employment. Yes the officer did check my phone when he was interviewing me.  So he was looking endlessly at my phone messages until he found a text message regarding salary and those offers. Anyway to cut it short he said that he couldnt allow me entry to singapore that time. The previous time i was in singapore prior to that refusal of entry was 1 year ago september 2013.

Now my intention of going to singapore is i want to take a holiday there for the mid year sale and also visit my friends.

Now my question is after 4 years would it be now possible for me to enter sg? Was i banned because of that text message? If i would write to ica what should i write there? And lastly if i was banned would it be possible to get it lifted automatically since i did stay away from singapore for 4 years?

I am lookin forward to hear from you guys and see what you could advise me to do. Thank you!!!

It is impossible to tell, from what you wrote, whether you were banned and whether this ban is still in force now.
You will have to contact ICA and ask!

Thank you beppi!

But thing is i dont really know what i should write in there? Should i tell them the scenario because when i asked the immigration officer before as i could remember he said write to ica i asked what should i write there he just said just write. So it wasnt really a clear explanation as to what i should write to them. Also since its been 4 years ago i have already changed my passport since it has expired would this make any problem? If there would only be problems upon my arrival in sg then maybe i shouldnt try and go back to sg if thats the worst case.

Hmmm any possible advice or recommendations that you might have for me. Any thing is really appreciated.

Thank you in advanced!

Any ban or similar applies to you as person, not your passport. Thus changing passport makes no difference.
The officer already gave you the same advice as me: Contact ICA!
Of course never trying to enter Singapore again avoids the issue, but I would write to them and ask for clarification.

Chances are there that you won't be banned this time but as we said every time that reach out ICA for the confirmation before you plan to travel (always carry return ticket along with hotel address or sponsor address & contact number as the officer may call to that number for verification purposes). Pertaining to letter writing, ICA can response to your letter where you should mention your detailed information including passport number and other details (your past history information is available to them in the system, depends on how much information you want to share in your email). Have patience as they may take a week or more to respond. Good luck

Note: Your 2014 case has linked to 2013 denied entry. Or else it's not common where immigration officer check someone' mobile phone to seek for an evidence.

Hello surya!

Thank you for the vital information I would do as you have adviced...

I guess it is true that it is still a case to case basis. As i have met someone online from other forums like this her case was almost similar to mine but she was refused entry and then after 1 year she tried to go back to sg and she got in without problem and without writing to ICA.

I will also update you guys here if ever ICA do reply and or if I have successfully re entered singapore.

Thank you very much for your help!!!

Hi guys,

I would like to appeal to ICA as my sitter was refused entry. I note that ICA never pick up calls. The officer told me i can make an appeal through their website, but they also do not put any email address on their 'Contact Us' page. I tried searching for any links regarding 'appeal for refused entry' and it seems that I need to send a physical letter to ICA itself.

Can i ask if anyone knows where/how to make an appeal due to refused entry? (which email to send to or what links to go to?)

Thanks and appreciate it.

Assuming that a “sitter” is a person, that person has to appeal him-/herself.
What is your relationship with that “sitter”?
In any case the chances of such an appeal depend on the reason for denial and what he/she has done in the meantime to change those. In most cases, there is nothing one can do but wait out the time ICA has banned him/her.
I have never heard about difficulties in contacting ICA. They respond well to calls, email and letters.

Give a little effort to go through old and recent discussions in Singapore forum, you can find numerous occasions we had shared the below link:

Please reach out ICA using correct email address as mentioned in below link to get a confirmation from ICA on travel ban before trying to re-enter again. Carry that email confirmation while traveling. Good luck

Note: ICA response may vary between a week or two. You may drop a reminder incase you don't get any response.

Contact the ICA first and try to know the exact reason why your were refused to enter again.

Hi guys,

My entry application was rejected under PR sponsor. Anyone have the sample email appeal letter?

Thanks in advance.

No need any specific letter as such, you simply can write a normal mail to ICA. They will respond in a week or two.

As you didn't tell anything about why ICA rejected your entry to Singapore, I can't comment further. Good luck

I requested before my planned visit to my brother..I don't know why they rejected it. I was denied before and issued refusal of entry that's why i need to apply for entry pass. I tried to go to Singapore even though my request was still pending, as expected i was denied again and advised to wait for the result of my appeal. Now, i'm planning to send an email, not me, my PR sponsor. I don't know what to write. I'm planning to go SG again once my banned was lift.

You just write your passport information and date of denial. Request them to advise how to visit Singapore to meet your brother and his family. If you are banned for some reason then request them when ICA will lift their ban on your travel to Singapore. Wait for their advise. Bring that print out if they advised to visit.

One thing is sure that you are telling partial information. There is no way ICA is banned you to visit your brother without any reason, there must be some history before they started banning you to enter again. Good luck

Hi surya ...
Nice to meet you i have quetions for you , long time ago likes 2012 i was have same problem they reject me to enter singapore i am living in lyon france and was missing to vacation with my son for just 2-4 days , do you think i just fly and bring my son directly to enter singapore or i need apply visa to ICA ..likes they said before in2012 ? Thank you for answer and i hope can help my question

Depending on the reason why you were denied entry, the ban is most likely long expired.
But if you want to be sure, better contact ICA before coming.

Frau_mazudha wrote:

Thank you surya for your advices.  Hopefully ICA approve my letter.

Hi, has ICA approved your appeal?

I was been refused to entry in Singapore last May 2018. I am currently having an offer for a job in Singapore. Will there be any problem in the immigration if I will show to them my IPA upon entry?

The problems you had before were already considered during your EP application process - thus if you have an IPA, there should be no issue.

Hello Beppi Thanks to your fast response. So you mean, I can enter to Singapore even though i was been refused to entry 2 month ago? I just need to show my IPA?

Does my record in ICA as ineligible to entry Singapore 2 months ago will affect the application of my Pass in MOM?

Yes, it will affect your EP application at MoM.
But if they decide to give you an EP nevertheless, you can enter the country without issues.

why will it affect the EP Application?

What are the factors that MOM will consider in approving my EP? why will it affect the application process? What are the things that they can consider to still give me an approval in my EP despite of my record in ICA 2 months ago?

Did you read my long post about the work pass application process? (under the header "How long will my work pass application take?")
If not, you should!

You did not mention why you were denied entry and what the background was. MoM of course takes your past immigration violations into consideration: If you have been suspected of trying to work illegally you will not get a work pass. And if you are currently banned from entry (for whatever reason), MoM will not override that by allowing you entry to work here. All this is common sense and you should have expected it!

I stayed in Singapore for 26 days and then I exit to Bangkok I stayed there for 3 days and come back to Singapore hoping that I will enter without any issues. But unfortunately they refused to allow me to enter Singapore. ICA gave me a paper that says I am ineligible to entry singapore. It doesn't state anything that I am banned or they did not mention any reason why they refused my entry to Singapore. Is there any chance that MOM will still consider to approve my pass?

What you did was naive: The Singapore authorities seriously dislike attempts to circumvent the rules by any such tricks!
Instead, you should have approached ICA and asked for an extension of stay (which may be granted, up to 89 days, if you have a legitimate reason for staying that long).
Now, whether this affects your EP application or not depends on:
- Did they suspect you of illegal activities (e.g. work) during your attempted stay? (What did you tell them about why you want to come back? Did you show them a return flight ticket and a hotel booking?)
- Did you get banned from entering Singapore for a certain period?
You should contact ICA to find out the answer for the last question, and also ask what (if anything) can be done to lift any ban.

I think they did not suspect any illegal activities from me. because if they do they will ban me, but they didn't. They just gave a printed copy that states that I am inelegible to entry singapore  they did not put any mark on my passport and just allowed me to come back here in Philippines. I will contact ICa to clarify everything. Thank you very much for helping me out!

I provided them invitations from seminars  and told them that I have to attend those seminars thats why I am returning to singapore. I showed them my hotel booking but i wasnt able to show a return ticket to them. I just told them that I will book my RT once I finalized my schedule. I think that started the problem.

How do you know if you are banned or not?
They don't need to tell you or mark your passport for it.

Then how will you know that you are banned?

Applicant's Passport Biodata page? Just to verify is this the scanned copy of the passport?

lesliemaymanuel wrote:

Then how will you know that you are banned?

Ask ICA!!!

In addition to what Beppi has already advised, you should remember and follow the ICA rules. After you exit Singapore, one thing you need to remember & follow before trying to enter again:

1. Stay outside of Singapore at least 5 days before you try again to enter.

2. Give a valid reason to visit again (See the note to understand the rationale)

3. Must have return ticket with you and accommodation details of that duration of stay in Singapore

4. Local sponsor details add additional value to it.

Note: Don't say that you are coming for leisure or to meet friend or to see my bf or gf or partner, as they can see your record in their database that you have travelled and spend almost a month here recently.

If you see yourself then you can easily find out that you didn't follow the guidelines (stay outside at least 5 days), do immigration officer has every rights not to allow you Singapore. You had send me PM and I too responded there.

Going forward, try not to send PM (applies to all the Expat members who wants to clarify their query) as we want each case should be discussed here (in Singapore forum publicly) where others to participate/guide/share their experiences which will benefits all of us. Good luck

Hi everyone, I am currently staying in Singapore holding S Pass. My boyfriend initially finished his course un Raffles college here in June 2018. So we went back to our country duringhis holiday and came back to Singapore on 5 July 2018. Before his school already cancel his student pass at ICA. So he entered with visit visa and our country is free visa. So upon entering, he showed his returned ticket which is 27 days from the entry date. Then the immigration officers brought him to the room and asked him alot of questions. After asking so many questions, they let him enter. So during his stay, we tried to extend his visa for another 30 days but unfortunately it was rejected without knowing any reasons. His plan is to get the job here. So can he still go to ICA office with the local sponsor for another try? Or he really has to go back to his own country and come back to singapore after a week later?
Please answer my questions.
Thank you.

Once online extension was rejected, it's better to leave Singapore. He may try to visit ICA office with a local sponsor but likely it will be rejected too. He may try to enter after one week, but chances very likely his entry will be rejected unless he has a strong reason to visit e.g. to write exam or visiting his family such as parents or legal wife (ICA doesn't recognise partner or bf gf or fiancée). So, it's better don't visit here for at least couple of months, or else he may take his own risk. Good luck

Hi Surya I got an Offer from Manulife but as per checking in ICA i am prohibited to enter Singapore. What will I do now? Will my application still be pushed through?

If you are banned from entry, this will be considered during your work pass application process. If the infraction for which your were banned is deemed serious enough, your work pass will be rejected.

Please reach out ICA and request them whether any ban does exist in your case. If yes, then how to remove this. Follow their instructions.

ICA does share the details of a candidate whose work pass is applied by the employer with MoM (vice versa) (believe you didn't tell the employer about this), let's see MoM approves your application or not. Good luck